White Tee’s

My good friend Kelli has been losing weight over the last year and half, and looks stinking AMAZING! We had a picture taken of the two of us about 2 years ago at the Denver Zoo both wearing white T-Shirts. We decided that we wanted to take an updated version while I was in Washington this past weekend. Enjoy!

Kelli and Me: October 2007

Kelli and Me: March 2010

Oh and just because I love a shock value, this is Kelli and I nine months ago. The last time I was in Washington for a friends wedding 50lbs ago:

Kelli and Me: August 2009

This is NOT a Cake Wreck, Its a Cake Win!

My coworker Josh had his last day today so last night Dominique came over and we made him a cake! Early in the day we had gone to Cake Crafts and picked up some decorating supplies, then Dominique made the yellow cake from scratch (yeah I know, NOT from a box…crazy!) and brought it to my house. From there we made this amazing chocolate frosting (ingredients: butter, chocolate…thats it…lol!) it required two chocolate bars that you mix into the other ingredients in a food processor but I only have a tiny food processor, so the chocolate stayed a little chunky. It looked like dirt, which went nicely with the theme. We drank Flirtini’s while we decorated the cake.

Before I show you the AMAZINGNESS that is our cake, I need to give you a little background on Josh. See Josh is 25, married with two kids and one on the way. Dominique calls him “The Breeder” and we all make many a joke on how many kids Josh can pump out. This is all in good fun and he laughs. Josh is also kind of a rugged mountain man, he’s actually leaving to go work in Alaska building 90 miles of fence (yeah for real) so many a Caribou and Sara Palin jokes are made too. Josh is a really funny guy, and we poke fun at him a lot. I will miss him.

So onto the cake. A brief description: A Caribou Farm in Alaska surrounded by the fence Josh built to keep out all of his babies…

josh very much appreciated the cake. Im going to email his wife pictures of the cake too so she can see it in all its glory!

Hello Luvah

Betcha wonder where I’ve been. Well I’ve been working 9 hour shifts starting at 5am! Yup 5am! How fun is that! And since I live between 30-45 minutes from where I work, that means I wake up at 3:30 am! Ha! So yeah, I’ve been going to bed at like 8:30 so I don’t die on my drive to work. Sigh, only one more week of this. I actually have plans to show y’all what I do at work with PICTURES..YAY! but not now. For now I’m enjoying my friday (which started at 9:30 am…the only perk of working long days with a far drive is short Fridays!) so far I took my phone to Verizon because it’s having a weird problem. Of course weird problem wouldn’t do its weird thing when I got there so they really couldn’t do anything for me. Then I got coffee and talked to Mr. Gaunt who is en route to New Mexico for the weekend to visit a friend. Then I had a long talk with my BFF Mallory on the phone about…oh…Life, Love, Babies, God, Religion, Therapy…you know, the usual. Mallory is my dearest friend and the older we get the more we have in common, and although we have been friends since kindergarten, I think age and space had brought us closer…I heart her.

Oh and I lost 1.6 pounds at weigh in on Monday! Go me!

Anyways today I have lovely plans to go to Old Navy because all their jeans are on sale for $19 and I DESERVE new jeans. Right now I’m floating between a 14 and a 16. This sucks, but I have to stop waiting to get smaller, I have to live in the now. I was talking to Kelli the other night about weight loss, she is a bit smaller than me (that slut!) but she seems to be having just as hard of a time accepting her now smaller frame. It really got me thinking, and although I REALLY want to wear a size 10 and I REALLY want to weigh 160, I’m going to live it up here in a size 15! I have worked my butt off and I deserve to be happy and content! I can not keep waiting for the future, I need to appreciate this. If you had asked me a year ago if I could drop 75lbs and 4 pants sizes over night, I would have kissed your face and laid down dead! It would have been the most amazing thing in the world. But since it DIDNT happen over night, it doesn’t feel quite as amazing. This will change today!

Whitney Thompson is ANTM winner season 10, and she’s a 14 and she’s freaking GORGEOUS! Maybe I don’t look too bad either.

Ok moving on from all of that. Im going to scrapbook a bit today, and watch some Big Love and maybe call Ms. G and get some dinner. Im going to enjoy my solo weekend and do things I might not do when Mr. Gaunt is home. It will be a good weekend.

Oh and before I go, I leave you with a list of a few new favorite links (they are also added under BLOGS! tab) enjoy!

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Thanksgiving Part 1: Family, Friends, and Fun!

Well I took a million pictures on thanksgiving because there was just sooo much going on! First off Tomorrow (the 28th) is Mr. Guant’s 29th Birthday, and since its so close to Thanksgiving (and thats the day his mom went into labor!) he usually celebrates most of his birthday on the holiday.

Mr. Gaunt has a pretty small family, no cousins or siblings (yes is is spoiled rotten) so family gathering usually just consist of his Mom and I. I assumed Thanksgiving would be that way, but it quickly turned into quite the gathering with multiple friends coming over including his god parents and god siblings! So it was pretty fun.

Im saving the next post to focus on food so this one is just about birthday and the rest of the non-eating events!


Trying to guess his presents...soooo anoying!

A new Broncos ornament from his mom!

A big Ass Birthday card from his aunt Judy.

un-wrapping a new Rockies jacket

A New ipod!

Gifts for me too!

A "new to me" Brooch from J's mom. I love it!


Me Cooking

Mr. Gaunt was in charge of dishes.

Mr. Gaunt and his mom being "Proper"


Carving the bird

Making gravy! My favorite part.

Ready to eat!

Pretty table

A kitchen full of food

Watching football after dinner.

He had to change into this after dinner.

Happy Birthday Mr. Gaunt!



Hello Weekend!


I have LOTS of fun things planned for this weekend. NONE of which involve talking or thinking about work…grr. My Friday the thirteenth ended badly with some major time clock issues that are STILL unresolved…grr! But it is officially the weekend and Im going to forget about all of that until Monday!

Mr. Gaunt took a little weekend trip to New Mexico to visit a friend so I am a single gal for a few days! My lovely Pro is coming over tonight and we are gonna use this sweet coupon and check out some coats at the Old Navy. Last night Mr. Gaunt and I went through our clothes (yes AGAIN) to see what fit and what doesnt. He got rid of at least three pairs of pants (44’s he’s now down to a 38/40) and me a TON of shirts and capris and tanks that are long gone. I must say as exciting as shrinking out of all of your clothing is, its also expensive and frustrating. Especially if your losing quickly like I have and your in a  new size every 2 months. Anyways I still have about 4 cute dresses that I am not willing to part with, last night I emailed a local Tailor on pricing to have dresses taken in. Ill let you know what they say when I hear back. If it’s under $25 per dress then I may do it, over that and I may just toss and buy new.

Tomorrow Pro and I and Mr. Gaunt’s mom are going to the Highlands Ranch community garage sale (WHAT WHAT! I LOVE A GARAGE SALE!) and then Pro and I are having a late lunch in Boulder with an old friend. Should be a good time!

Health wise Im feeling pretty damn lucky that the flu and colds have skipped us! KNOCKS ON WOOD! I do however have a slight post nasal drip that seems to be causing my right ear to be in a constant state of plugged. No amount of popping, Q-tip-ing or wiggling seems to release the air. I can hear myself breathing in my ear. SUPER OBNOXIOUS! Anyone have any tips on getting rid of this?

Ok so Im off to do a bit of laundry before Pro gets here and then my weekend shall start! Im sure Ill have pics by Sunday! Oh and weight loss wise the week has been a bit slow, I wont cry if I dont lose anything on Monday the last two weeks were stellar and I really couldnt ask for more.

Pumpkin Patch!

Mr. Gaunt and I went to the Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield Pumpkin Patch today! It was a pretty good time, a little crowded and hot (75 degrees) and the pumpkins were not looking too good, probably because of the snow last week. But still we had a great time with our friends Jenny and Justin and their little one Liam:

I guess thats what we would look like with a baby.

I guess thats what we would look like with a baby.

How darling is he!

How darling is he!



Thats our pumpkin!

Thats our pumpkin!




White Pumpkins! Very Martha Stewart.

White Pumpkins! Very Martha Stewart.

Jenny, Liam and Justin

Jenny, Liam and Justin

we skipped the corn maze because they said it took and hour to get through!

we skipped the corn maze because they said it took and hour to get through!