Official Weigh in, Minus the freakout.

Well last night really was just a fake.  I didn’t really gain 3 pounds this week, must have been all the water I drank last night. Whatever.

Today I went and worked out at the pool (Deep Water Running) with my mom. It was a nice change of pace to the daily running.

After I got home I weighed myself.  I lost .2 pounds from last week. Wow, lame. Mr. Gaunt lost .5 pounds. Equally lame. I’m not sure exactly why this is, but we are moving on and starting a new week!

We have decided to gradually and very relaxed move towards a more Paleo Diet. I wont even get into all that it entails because I really don’t care. We are eating the following:

-Meat & Seafood




And not much else. That means no potatoes, no pasta or grains, no sugar, no dairy etc. However I don’t follow rules well, so I’m still doing my granola and yogurt in the morning, and I will still have cake sometimes. In fact I will still do whatever I want some times, but I’m going to try to lean more Paleo than not. Got it?

So I still need to lose like 9 pounds this month…ha! Obviously that’s not going to happen, so I’ll lose what I can and not beat myself up about the rest. I actually feel pretty ok with myself the last few days, so that’s good.

They informed us last night that we will be working 10 hour shifts 5 days a week and a 6 hours shift on Saturday for the next few weeks. This is mildly insane, but we need the money. So unfortunately I will have little to no time for anything but Mr. Gaunt, working out, and work. This is  pre-warning to anyone who might want to hang out, the answer is no. At least until mid-July.

I also have SUCKED at my strength training, as I use to do it when I got off work, but now I go to bed. I’ll see if I can get back into it. I liked feeling stronger.

HAPPY FRIDAY! This is for Mr. Gaunt…



Weigh In Friday!

Aww snap!

I didn’t forget, today is weigh in day. We are weighing in on Fridays, but the last weigh in was on the first, so a little over a week ago.

Alright so Mr Gaunt lost…


And I lost…



Since I was 1 pound heavier than I wanted to be on the first, this still makes me 1.5 pounds heavier than my goal for today. None the less I’m still just shooting to lose 10 pounds in June. So far we are doing so good!  I still need to lose 8 more pounds in 3 weeks, which is slightly more than 2 .5 pounds a week…eek! I’ll be happy with just a solid 2.5 pounds loss this week. Gotta work hard and stay on track!

In Workout news…

We walked around Lake Padden (2.5 miles) with my friend and her boyfriend and THREE crazy little dogs. Its was quite a sight. Yesterday I skipped my strength training, so today I will be doing Thursdays workout x2. Off to work soon, and I got FOUR painting orders that have to get done this weekend…gah! Mildly stressed.



Gotta Get Down On

ha! You know you love it!

Today is pay day! I’m going after work to get my eyebrows waxed as they need it sooooo bad.

I need new Yoga Capris, as the ones I have are the fold over waste band kind, and they are way too big. However I have been to a few stores and been unable to find anything I like. Seems there is a lot of spandex out there….gah. Today I might try Old Navy.

I havent decided what my workout is going to be today. A small part of me might like to skip it as I do have a number of errands I need to do, and I would like to clean the house really good. We will see.

My BFF (and Maid of Honor) is coming up for the weekend! Yay!! This will mark the 4th time I have seen her since I moved back, that’s amazing! I use to only see her like every six months, lame. Shes going to show me some weight lifting things she learned from a  class she took. I’m desperate to get rid of reduce my chicken wing arms!

Lastly for the month I am down 11 Pounds. I only have 3 pounds to lose by the end of May, must keep going!

Alright now time for shower, then coffee, then work.

I leave you with this picture of a kitten that makes my heart burst! There is a lost cat sign on one of my routes downtown, and I tear up when I have to walk past it….sooo sad.