Think. Thank. Thought.

I realized today that having this blog has opened me up to other people’s:





-Worries for me

Along with tons of good stuff too! Don’t get me wrong, the comments and feedback is one of the main reasons I continue to journal here. The rest is just something I have to learn to work with. I know how much my friends and family love me and want whats best for me. I have however spent the last 4 years more or less doing whatever I want. With little friends and family here, I really taken for granted the freedom I have had. And although I am so very excited to be amongst everyone again, please forgive me if it takes a while for me to adjust to having others opinions shared to me. I promise to take in what I can, and to also continue to respect Mr. Gaunt and my choices too.

Now that that has been said, I think my 5HTP is working a little! This is so nice. I’m sorry I havent cooked anything lately, I’m doing low-calorie right now, its crunch time. There may be very little food recipes over the next 6-9 months. I also have a few more wedding posts to bore you all with…heehee.  I’m off to job #2 now, but I want all of my readers to spend some time in the next TWENTY THREE days of 2010 to make three lists:




Either email them to me or post them in the comments. I wanna do some fun posts on them!


What I’ve Been Eating

I am a shamed food photographer in that I threw away (my old crappy falling apart) light box and have yet to build a new one.  Oh it’s on the list right next to “carve pumpkins” and “clean out my fridge”. However I still have managed to take some pictures of what we’ve been eating recently. My biggest kick is pumpkin right now, I’m pretty much eating at least one pumpkin flavored thing a week…its so nice!

Stuffed Acorn squash – Half an Acorn Squash stuffed with Dirty rice, onions, peppers, and Apple Chicken Sausage.

Grilled Panini – Chicken, Pesto, Spinach, Red onions and Swiss cheese.

Roasted Potatoes – Yukon Gold Potatoes, Onions, Corn and Apple Chicken Sausage roasted with mixed seasoning and olive oil.

Spinach Spaghetti – Ground Turkey, Tomato Sauce, Whole Wheat Pasta and lots of spinach

Ezekiel Bread with Swiss Cheese, Tomato, Avocado and salt and pepper

Hey MOM!

It has come to my attention that I have been a blog slacker. This is sorta true, we are too darn busy. I’m keeping this short because I had two margaritas for Cinco De Mayo, and I’m tipsy. I did however get a new phone, woohoo! And my BFF Mallory and I have decided to start our own Eco/Green Friendly Event Planning business together! Well we have lots to think about, and I have to move back to Washington, but it is all very exciting! I also booked tickets to Washington for July.

I wish I was gonna see my mom for Mothers day! Hopefully her card gets there on time, I miss her.

Today is my one year anniversary of losing weight. I have gained 5lbs, Im lame. I think I might have to revamp my eating tomorrow, I’ll blog about it. In honor of this, I cut 4 inches off my hair. I think I like it, it’s a lot healthier.

I leave you with a pics that didn’t need a whole post, but together make a fun collage!

Mr. Gaunt and I. This is his “I love u” face.

And Hula being cute drinking milk

Oh and I bought a Brita, but have had some difficulties with it, I’ll blog about “WATER” soon

I also snuggled a Fritz!

Had a girls night with Dominique and C’est Moi Jolie! We are planning a big girls night for the Premier of Sex and the City!

Made a yummy Vegan Chocolate Cereal snack with Kiwi!


Grocery List and After School Activities

Ok we don’t really go to school, but oh my word have we been busy! Not with anything that important, just random activities: Therapy, Softball, Trivia Night, Taxes. I’m exhausted, and I have no desire to cook when I need to be in bed in an hour and a half. I’m glad we are staying busy, but night after night of stuff until 8pm is a bit much for me.

Whole Foods....heaven on earth for grocery shopping.

I did however make a yummy salmon dish to share soon, and in VERY exciting news I updated my grocery list! Woohoo! It’s the tab at the top of the screen that says MY GROCERY LIST. It use to be more based on Weight Watchers, but I re-did it to be more up to date on what we eat currently. It’s pretty Clean Eating, Wholesome, Vegetarian-ish. I have also stated adding links to a lot of it, its kind of freakishly long so I havent finished it yet. Feel free to check it out, and you can leave comments on that page if you think I have missed any excellent foods.

I’m hoping the Mr. Gaunt and I can get out and do some fun relaxing things this weekend. We have a BBQ on Friday night, which I will be cooking up some yummy treats for. We also have been invited to participate in Littleton’s Pea Patch Garden and grow some veggies and flowers to donate to the elderly. I think we might do that this weekend. Oh and I have decided to take a one day Women’s Self Defense Class on May 2nd with some friends, I’m really looking forward to it!

Oh so so so busy. Dinner will be something boring (if anything) tonight. Tomorrow though I will be cooking!

Sunday Budget

Ok last week I mentioned my goal of reducing our grocery bill down to $67 a week, this week I want to share how things turned out. First off I want to clarify that each week doesn’t have to be a perfect $67, but I would like it to even out to that by the end of the month. Also I’m trying really hard to reduce my artificial ingredients, today at Target this proved to be difficult.

Ok so to start with last week we spent:


This included the $22 for our Door to Door Organics box. The other $30 was basically spent on Milk, Cliff Bars, Smart Ones Meals, Bottled Water, and Fruit. We had a fair amount of food still so we really didn’t need to buy much.

Today we went to Target. Now I have heard mixed reviews on shopping produce at Target but I have always been pleased. They have a mix of Organic and non organics, they usually have everything I need in stock (like Kale even thought King Soopers, Safeway, and Whole Foods were out). They also have GREAT fruit prices. (see their ad here)

Today on Ad they had:

1 lb Strawberries: 2 for $5

1lb Fuji Apples: $1 a pound

Annie’s Organic Mac n Cheese: $1.25

Kellogg cereals & Breakfast Bars: 4 for $10 plus a $5 instant Target Gift Card


So we spent $80.93 today, if your curious here is the (approximate) breakdown:

-$20 on Fruits and Veggies

-$16.00 on Almonds, Organic Peanut Butter, Bread, and Dark Chocolate

-$12 on Cliff Bars (Also Organic and Natural)

-$7 on Dairy (Cream Cheese, Milk, Ice Cream (ok its fat-free sorbet)  (Havent made the switch to Organic in these)

-$5 on Weight Watchers Smart Ones Meals (for Mr. Gaunt, the Kashi Organic ones are TWICE as much…grrr)

-$13 on Cereal and Oatmeal (I have switched to Organic Kashi Oatmeal, but the Cereal deal was too good to pass up)

So basically out of our $80 only $24 of it was spent on items that are not “Clean Eating” material. Now not all of those were Organic, but they were natural ingredients. I am VERY happy with this! And we remembered our bags! Yay! now I just have to use up all these good foods before they go bad. I read somewhere that no one should eat anything that wont expire in a month.

Oh and I have a TON of Sweet Potatoes, any ideas for HEALTHY (no candied Yam ideas) recipes? I’m pretty sure we will make sweet potato fries, but I would love to bake something with them. In my head I’m picturing a Sweet Potato and Peanut butter bar…lol…how could I do this? Anyway sorry if this post was boring, I found it really comforting to break down my bill into nutrition like this. Try it! I will be doing this every Sunday evening.