Review: Ezekiel Bread

I’d like to repeat again, that change does not happen over night, and that health is a lifelong process. I am by no means a perfect eater, and I hope no one ever thinks I am. I’m not. I also have a few items I have yet to turn over to the Healthy Food Gods. One of these things was bread.  I have been using (for the last year) Sara Lee 45 Calorie Delightful Wheat Bread this is leftover from my Weight Watchers days where this bread rolled in at a mere 1 point for two slices! It’s hard to get better than that. Also its SUPER soft, which I love in a bread. I felt pretty bad about it, I means it’s a great bread, but it contains a few to many “un-clean” ingredients. Way more than 10 (they say you should avoid eating foods that have more than 10 ingredients, and any ingredients you can’t pronounce) so it had to go.

We were at Sunflower Market last week and found Ezekiel Bread. At first I was confused by the Holy Scripture, but then read this:

Inspired by the Holy Scripture verse Ezekiel 4:9., “Take also unto thee Wheat, and Barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and Spelt, and put them in one vessel, and make bread of it…”

We picked up the

Organic Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread

The ingredients are amazing too:

INGREDIENTS: Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat, Filtered Water, Organic Malted Barley, Organic Sprouted Whole Millet, Organic Sprouted Whole Barley, Organic Sprouted Whole Lentils, Organic Sprouted Whole Soybeans, Organic Sprouted Whole Spelt, Fresh Yeast, Sea Salt.

The nutritional information is even better than I thought it would be.

For one slice:

-80 Calories

-0.5 grams of fat

-3 grams of fiber

-4 grams of protein.

Not bad for something that is 100% clean, and Vegan.

So of course all of that is good, but how about taste? I was a little nervous because it’s not a soft bread. It’s very dense and…hearty.  To start off with Mr. Gaunt made me a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich on our George Foreman. It was actually really good! I was surprised. I’ve tried other healthy breads before and have always found them too sweet. I don’t like sweet breads, I think they are gross. This bread isn’t sweet at all, perfect bread flavor. Obviously when grilled its crispy, so the soft thing doesn’t make much of a difference.

Next we tried a regular old cold turkey sandwich. At first I thought, yup too dense and hard, not gonna like it, but the more I at it, the more I loved it. It has a nice nutty flavor, and its so filling. I just felt like I was eating good healthy filling foods. Not to mention I have recently found a love for Grey Poupon, and that is delicious on it!

So overall I am VERY pleased with this bread. We will be sticking with it, and I will try more recipes with it: French Toast, Bread Crumbs, egg sandwiches, etc. If you have tried it, Id love to hear your opinions too.

Product Review: Morningstar Riblets

Mr. Gaunt is making a guest appearance to review the Morningstar Riblets:



I love ribs. Love ’em. Being a WW devotee, I don’t often have the chance to indulge my carnal desires for this sweet meat. When my lady and I saw these “ribs” at the store, I immediately grabbed them up, mouth salivating at the scrumptios looking rib shaped patty on the cover, drowning in BBQ sauce.  I enjoy most Morningstar products, save for the Spicy Asian “Burgers” (water chestnut…gross), so I had high hopes. They don’t dissapoint. While these puppies were grilling….er, microwaving, the air was filled with wonderful aeromatics, so by the time they cooled and got slapped between 2 slices of WW friendly bread, I was drooling. For most fake meat proucts, the flavor may be close, but they never seem to get the texture right. If I hadn’t seen the box, I would of sworn I was eating a McRib. The taste and consistency were spot on, and it even looked like real meat. Even the sauce had top shelf flavor. In my opinion, this may very well be the best of all pretend pork products I’ve ever tried. I devoured it as quickly as it came, and can already forsee the cravings coming on.  I can’t reccomend this enough. CHOMP!

Food Review #1 – Morningstar Farms Meal Starters

For my first food review I decided to do….

Morningstar Farms – Meal Starters


ServeImageThis is a Vegetarian (not vegan) ground beef substitute for tings like spaghetti, chili, and tacos! Tonight we tried it in just basic spaghetti. I added lots of onions and then some regular low fat pasta sauce with whole wheat pasta. They obviously cook  a little different than regular ground beef because its not all fatty and doesn’t secrete its own juices like beef, so watch it so it doesn’t burn. It was a pretty quick cooker, about 10 minutes per instructions. Taste wise its definitely NOT the same as ground beef so dont be shocked, its more bland and less greasy tasting. Mr. Gaunt however thought it was delicious and raved about it, which is good because he is kinda picky about diet like foods. I think personally I would not bother and just do more veggies instead but J loves “meat” and I think he would prefer this as opposed to just veggies. Id really like to add some taco seasoning to it and try that.

The biggest issue I have with these is the price, there almost $7.00 for a smaller package. Over on The WW Chick she did a post on how to make your own out of TVP, and I think if I find a few more recipes that I can use it in I might try it.