Back to Work

Three day weekend was nice, although not as nice as when I hated my job, which I guess is pretty damn nice in its self. I did however do a 5 k yesterday, then Mr. Gaunt and I did Mondays Workout when he got home from work last night. Then we got all pumped and decided to have a “Who could do the most crunches without stopping” competition. I won at 60 (on top of the required 40)…GO ME! Hey maybe we wont just be skinny, but dare I say…fit?

I work at 3 today. I’m making Mr. Gaunt get up and go do a 5k with me this morning. I have always worked out alone, so we will see how it is working out together. I usually listen to my music, will I still do that?

The Honeymoon plans MIGHT actually be moving forward…eek! Which means spending a lot of time in a bathing suit….HELLO MORE MOTIVATIONS.  Must get skinny and tan….lol.

Well here’s a link to Tuesdays Workout! Everyone get out there and do a little working out whether they want to or not!


My shoulders are totally sore from doing yesterdays little workout. I actually really love these, how they target different muscle groups. My friend Mallory brought me a whole set of dumbbells and they have been perfect for these workouts. These also only take like 10 minutes, but every day I can feel that they are working. I just wait an hour or so after my walk and do these while watching tv. So easy. I’m excited that todays are legs/butt, because I REALLY need help in that area.

My weight is still around the same place as yesterday. I had two large glasses of Wine/Mead last night, so I’m happy there was no real gain. I gotta think of a real calorie burning activity for Mr. Gaunt and I to do this weekend. Suggestions?

Last night I made this Brussel Sprout recipe and it was pretty good. I mean Mr. Gaunt use to say he hated Brussel sprouts, now he eats a meal mostly consisting of them, love it!

I don’t know much about Tumblr, but there are some pretty SWEET workout/weightloss blogs on there. Here are two that you can wast some time with:



If You Keep Going…

I walked down to Boulevard Park again today (about 4 miles) but instead of stopping at my mom’s and having her take me home, I just kept walking. By the time I got home two hours and 7.7 miles has passed. At a speed just shy of 4 MPH, I burned about 1,000 Calories! Can you believe that! Crazy! At the end I was pretty tired, and my back was hurting a little. Overall though I feel really good! I’m a little proud of myself, I will have a glass of wine to celebrate me being awesome.

Oh and prior to leaving I put my wedding dress on, you know, to inspire myself. I havent put it on in like 4 months, and I forgot how much I LOVE IT! I’m so excited, I feel really good. Damn those endorphins!

I should finish the bookcase project in the garage this evening, but I might just hang out and watch Grey’s Anatomy and make pom poms. We’ll see.

Pools Open! Back to Summer Health!

The Pool opened on Friday and I have been swimming every day since! Saturday I started my **fingers crossed** Everyday Pool Workout, doing 20 laps + Water Aerobics.

I know a fair amount of water aerobic moves from my mom who goes almost every day and does a mix of deep water running and water aerobics. This weekend at Dick’s Sporting Goods I bought a set of water aerobic tools (not sold online, but it was a 6 piece set for $35) and a new set of goggles.

Tonight Mr. Gaunt and I waited until all the kids had gotten out so we could have the pool to ourselves. I swam my laps (I’m starting with 20, but hoping to slowly work my way to 40 this summer) and he goofed off. We realized tonight that Mr. Gaunt’s size is just not very buoyant…and therefore not so good at water aerobics….lol!

It feels so good to be back in a summer routine of swimming and cooking healthy! I could not be more over winter! BOO! I just love all the melons on sale and cherries! I love that its light out till 9pm, and we can leave our windows open. I can just feel the whole healthy lifestyle we had last year coming back, feels so good!

My focus in the pool this year is to do some cardio, and really focus on my abs and arms with my water weights. This is what my set came with:


Webbed Gloves

floating belt

The dumbells are the best, if you were to only get one thing I would get these. Tonight I swam my laps with my gloves, and oh lord was it a challenge! They give you so much resistance, and I could just feel my muscles aching! Very nice! The belt is nice if you want to tread water but are in a shallow pool.

We have major plans to spend as much time in the pool as possible this summer. Weekends at Jenny and Justins and afternoons in our pool or in Ms. G’s pool (when I work close to her house).

I also think there will be way more blogging now that summer is here! Yay who doesn’t love blogging!

Spring Rolls NOT FRIED!

Whenever Mr. Gaunt and I go to Pho, we always get the Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce. they are really fresh and yummy. Not that a deep-fried spring roll isnt yummy every now and then, these ones are just so guilt free.

I have been wanting to try to make them for a long time, but could never find the right wrappers. I could always find the kind you fry, but not the fresh ones. Last week I was at Whole Foods looking at the Asian Noodles, and there they were! I guess I assumed they would be in the refrigerator section like the frying kind. They aren’t, they are dried on the shelf in the asian aisle.

A few days later Mr. Gaunt and I walked (yup we walked 3+ miles 3 times this week!) to Whole Foods and got some veggies to make these rolls. I didnt really have a specific recipe, but a number of them said to use the following:




-Sprouts (that we got in our Door to Door Organics box)


-Shrimp (optional if you are doing Vegan or Vegetarian version)

Off on our walk

Wearing my new "Habitualize Kale" shirt! So bad ass!

Things are blooming and all the streets smell like cherry blossoms.

My new produce bags that I purchased on Etsy. Awesome!

I definitely wouldn’t say these are easy or fast. Theres a lot of prep work, and a lot of mess because you cut everything into tiny match sticks. You have to thaw shrimp and you dip the rice paper wrap in water to make it soft. I think these are well worth paying for. Still kind of fun to make.

All the veggies prepped and ready to go.

Rice paper ready to soak and get soft.

Ready to Wrap

The wrapping was the hardest part. I imagine its like learning to swaddle a baby, the first time you do it its all messy and not tight. I struggled to not tear or tangle the rice paper. In the end a few were ok looking, but most of them were saggy and wrinkled. Oh well. Also we didn’t do peanut sauce, so we just dipped it in Hoisin Sauce that we already had on hand.