Billy Balls and Turkey Feathers

I picked a flower!

For my wedding that is.

I’ve actually had it in my head for a while but didn’t know what it was called:

Craspedia Billy Balls

I love them….swoon. They go perfect with my mustard touches. now I just have to get my brother to grow me 100 or so! lol! Let me know if you know where to get them, or if they grow in the US anywhere.

I have also decided to add in large white feathers. Specifically White Quil Turkey Feathers. Now this is much more of nature thing than a Liza Minnelli thing. And I will only be having a few. I saw in a shop window the coolest “falling feather” display with feathers strung on fishing line…I want it. Anyway it was near impossible to find any pictures of what I’m thinking (which means I may actually have an original thought…ha!) but these pics kind of give you an idea:

Then all of the feather hunting led me to this shower curtain! I might die! It’s the shower curtain of my dreams!!!!!!!!! I have already purchased it in my head. I have strict rules about “moving” certain items. I do NOT move: Garbage cans, Litter Boxes, Pillows, or SHOWER CURTAINS! This will in fact be my new shower curtain.