Goldilocks and The Three Pants

I was sick of all my pants not fitting so I went a couple of weeks ago to find some new ones. My mom suggested Levi 512 so we went to Sears to find some. Sears’ website said they carried Levis, however when we got to the store they told us they only sold them online…lame-o. While at Sears I noticed they have a whole line of Lands End clothing, which is super cute! So I tried on their Jeans. I actually finally sucked it up and tried on a size bigger than I had been wearing, thinking they would just be more comfortable…

So I tried the size down…

At this point I tried on a few others and had the same results. Too small or too big. nothing fit! Plus they were all like $50, and I’m sorry I don’t spend $50 on ill-fitting jeans. So I went to Old Navy to find CHEAP Ill fitting Jeans…success! $9!

These jeans were on clearance, and are by no means prefect. They are a bit too flared for me, and they give me horrible Bucket Butt (where it gaps really bad in the lower back area). But the (front) waist fit, and they were dark enough to hide the unflatteringly tight-ish thigh area. Gag. Oh well. They are actually very comfortable so they will work.

Mr. Gaunt and I have kind of let ourselves eat whatever we want this past month, and I am refusing to step on the scale until after we move. I needed a break from the weight loss obsession.  We have made a pact though to each loose 10 pounds in the month we are away from each other. I’m seeing a strict Water, Veggies, Lean Protein and Brown rice in my future. Plus I found a great deal on a gym in Wa that I’m going to join on day 1!  I can feel how unhappy my body is with all the eating out and snacking I have been doing. I am so very much looking forward to getting back in gear and cleansing all this toxic crap out! Wish me luck!


Fat Pants

I have made the decision that when I get paid next friday I am going to buy some fat pants.

Not really FAT pants, more like FIT pants, I’m thinking a denim with a little stretch. Right now I have too many “goal” pants and not any “now” pants. This makes things like…oh say…getting dressed very difficult. I did it to myself, I got all cocky and threw away all my pants that were a little big thinking I would be a down a size by now…lol! Nope, not down, and now no pants that fit.

I have put on a good 5 pounds in the last month…ha…go me! It’s what I do, gain 10 lose 10. But right now I have a plate piled to the ceiling with shit I have to worry about, that stepping on the scale is NOT one of them. I have all kinds of lofty goals to get in a little better shape this summer, but right now I need to focus on surviving the next 3 weeks.

So wish me luck on my hunt for new pants! And my move, and job hunting, and not killing my fiance….cheers!