TJ Breakfast


-Fat Free Vanilla Greek Yogurt

-Low Fat Vanilla Almond Granola


-Organic Honey

Mr. Gaunt and I walked to The Farmers Market and got BreadFarm Samish River Potato Bread, and walked back home (3.2 Miles). It was super windy, but felt great to get some exercise in. Then we drove down to Seattle to go wedding dress shopping for my friend Mallory, and lastly Ikea. Mr. Gaunt bought an entertainment center because our old one we had to leave with the house. All in all a lovely day.

Summer Eats

I have completely┬áneglected┬ámy blog. I’ve been dealing with some stress and anxiety issues, as well as health issues that I plan to share in upcoming post. I will say that I’m doing pretty well and despite some heated therapy sessions, Mr. Gaunt and I are happy and trying to make the most of our summer.

The weather took a slight turn this past weekend and I had to skip lap swimming for a few days…boo. I’m back on it now though, and the weather is looking 80+ with no cold in sight. Mr. Gaunt and I have been hitting up the farmers markets, and last weekend Ms. G and I went into Denver to the cutest little Local Produce Hut called In Season Local Market. This place is super cute and tiny! They carry local veggies, meat and dairy, as well as honey, soap and other goods. I bought a bunch of veggies and some cheese as well as some AMAZING yogurt called Noosa Yoghurt made in Boulder Co. It’s probably the best yogurt I have ever had! If you’re in the Denver area you should check out In Season, their open weekdays till 2-8pm which is great for people who don’t have time to get to the farmers market.

We also tried the Cherry Creek Farmers market which is one of the best markets I’ve been to in Colorado. We got lots of good local food there too as well as a new shirt for Mr. Gaunt! Although it is crazy busy, still worth it. There are so many cute dogs everywhere too…and babies!

Local Veggies

Local Pheasant and Chicken Sausages!

Local focaccia Bread

And besides that grocery stores have been all kinds of cheap so there has been an over abundance of produce in our house, I’m almost overwhelmed. I wont be shopping for the next two weeks as we leave for Washington on the 2nd for 9 days. Until then I hope to be better about blogging, in fact the following posts are coming up: New Swimsuit, Smoking/Stress, and Kale!

Last I leave you with the cutest dress I found tonight at Target for $5.99! I think it will be adorable with a little black cardigan to wear to my big family dinner at the Grandparents house! Yay for cheap clothes! and two funny pics of us at Michaels.

Weekend Round Up

The weekend is over…sad…but I had a good time! I spent Friday with Pro in Fort Collins and then yesterday I went to a little birthday gathering for Jill and got to see my lovely Kells Bells. Today I went to the Farmers market with Mr. Gaunt (and got a TON of peppers that one farmer gave to us for free) as well as a lot of other produce and pumpkins and gourds! Yay fall! Then I spent the afternoon grocery shopping with Kelli and got some sweet grandma sweaters as Savers, as well as a pit stop at Merle’s for drinks and appetizers!

Sweet Tea Vodka Arnold Palmer

Sweet Tea Vodka Arnold Palmer

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Yam Chips and Guac

Yam Chips and Guac

Tonight Mr. Gaunt and I made fresh green beans (sauted in olive oil and garlic) as well as Whole Wheat Panko Tilapia and salad (with peppers of course!):