Well I wouldn’t say these are that healthy, but they also weren’t that bad either.

-Tortilla Chips

-One Can Black Beans

-Pico de Gallo

-1 Avocado

-1 Bag shredded low fat cheese.

Pretty simple. Layer, repeat, layer repeat. The key with all Nachos is proper layering. Then cover with foil @400 for about 1 minutes, then remove foil and broil for about 5 minutes.  This was an awesome dinner. Our Cour Cream went bad, otherwise I would have done a bit of that too!


Home Made Pizza Rolls

I made these last week for a friends BBQ. People seemed to like them a lot, I should have made more! These actually took two tries. I got the idea a few weeks ago when we went to a Pizza/Bar place for Trivia night, and a friend ordered these amazing Pizza cinnamon roll things. I thought I could easily make my own but they ended up being too thick and not cooking in the middle. They looked good though:

After that failure I searched the web a bit and found this recipe for Pizza Pops, I didn’t feel the need to do the “pop” part (although if I were making them for kids I might) but I followed the recipe pretty closely. The only changes I made was using part 2% Ricotta and Skim mozzarella (the ricotta idea came from the original cinnamon roll like ones) for the cheese, as well as low-fat Pizza sauce and Low Fat Turkey pepperoni. If I had thought about it earlier I would have made my own Whole Wheat Pizza Dough, but I didn’t so I used one of those Pillsbury Pizza dough rolls.

The secret is to cut them pretty thin, no more than a half-inch thick. That way they cook thoroughly. You should try them, they are fun, and would be great for game days!