Weigh In: Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

I actually went to my weigh in yesterday, but my day was so insanely busy (INSANELY!) that I wasn’t home for more than 30 minutes to actual sit down to write a post. So here I am at the butt crack of dawn…HA! Joking, it’s 10am…lol. Writing my meeting post. I actually had meant to go to weigh in on Thursday, but ended up waking up late, and then doing some work for my new boss, so it was bumped to Friday. This weeks weight loss results are:

-1 lb

Uh, lame, again. I apparently am going to lose this weight VERY slowly, which I suppose is fine, but I also suppose its super-duper annoying. Like every week, my goal will be to lose 2 pounds, and up my physical activity. HOPEFULLY I will actually start working at my new job sometime this next week, and working (on my feet) will help me burn more calories, and lose a little faster.

It is now 6 weeks till Thanksgiving! I’m not sure I mentioned it, but my mom, Mr. Gaunt and me are doing our own little “THANKSGIVING JEAN CHALLENGE” to help motivate us. None of us love the way any of our jeans fit, so we are all hoping to lose enough weight that either we can wear a previously too tight pair of jeans, or (like myself) buy a new cute pair of jeans. Some might think it seems…uncomfortable to wear jeans to Thanksgiving, and it is! IF you eat too much. therefore the hope is that the jeans will also keep us in check, and not throw away all our hard work with a day (or a few days) of binge eating. Needless to say I would like to take off 10 more pounds by Thanksgiving. This might mean I have to really push myself. FRUITS and VEGGIES galore!

This weeks meeting topic was:


Which is a hard thing. This last week I did go to my friend Manda’s house and baked (decadent) cupcakes with her. Then I ate 1 cupcake and left the rest at her house. Although this is not exactly having fun without food, I did see it as a good choice. I got to hang out with my friend, and bake (which I love to do). I got to eat 1 yummy treat, but there was no option to have 3 or 4 or more treats! I never had to look at those amazing cupcakes ever again! Yay!

I’m definitely someone who likes to eat with friends AND share a bottle (or 2) of wine, and it’s something I KNOW I have to work on. Currently though, I’m working on doing fun things with Mr. Gaunt and not eating, as I really don’t hang out with my friends THAT often.

Things I suggest you do (and have actually done myself):


-Washing your car (inside and out)

-Go thrift shopping (no food, and we can be there for hours and only spend a few dollars!)

-Go wander around a new small town

-Deep clean something (garage, spare room, closets)

-Paint your moms kitchen (did this last week!)

-Carve Pumpkins

-Work in the yard

-Go Antiquing

-Decorate for the Holidays

-Paint some furniture


-Walk to the library

-Make a fall wreathe

-Reupholster a chair

Painting my moms kitchen last week

Things THEY suggest (that I think are little too obvious, and would rarely do)

-Take a dance class

-Ride a tandem bike

-Take a workout class

-Take up tennis

-Run/walk a race

-Play golf


-Go on a nature walk

-Go hunting. huh?

-Go Swimming

Anyway, you get the idea. Move more, eat less, and have fun while you are doing it. Duh. Easier said than done. I also encourage volunteering to bring snacks or drinks to events with your friends, so you know they are healthy.

Oh and my sister died my hair a little darker for fall! Yay! Thanks Tay!

Weekend plans are to decorate the front porch for Halloween, carve pumpkins, and work on our new website for our business. Other goals involve NOT eating bad food, going on a fall walk or two, and NOT spending any money. Ugh 1 month of being unemployed today, which means I am absolutely DYING poor. Finger crossed I start making money soon, otherwise I’ll be decorating a cardboard box that I will be living in.