I erased last week.

For real, buh bye Last week!

I only ran two out of the required 5 days.

It was hot (and still is, at 92 degrees tomorrow)

I was busy in the evenings (taking naps)

Ive been a bit stressed/depressed

I ate a bunch of crap

I gained back the 3 pounds I lost the prior week.

There it is. Not so pretty, kind of embarrassing, and very depressing. So overall Id say that week needs to go buh bye. So because I’m the one who makes the rules, I declare a DO OVER! So last week is no longer. Id like to say today I went running, but alas I did not. I went to one of the last Rockies games with Mr. Gaunt and ate a hot dog….SO SHOOT ME!


I swear swear swear up and down that this week I will brave the heat and go running.

In other news:

-I got a 2nd job at Pier 1 for the holidays. I filled out paperwork today. I’ll be working 2-3 evenings a week.

-Mr. Gaunt and I spent a lovely day in the mountains looking at the Aspen Trees on Saturday (pics to come).

-I got some AMAZING clearance shirts at the Gap today ($110 worth for $24!)

-I am ALMOST done scrapbooking 2009!

-I ordered some enlarged prints of our engagement pictures.

-We went to the Farmers market and got tons of veggies for dinners this week.

-I am two punches away from a free Latte!

Alright kids, I’m tired and am going to hit the hay. XOXO