Light a Spark

We are "gettin skinny" sisters!

Had such a lovely chat with my good friend Kelli today. She too has lost a lot of weight over the last 2 years, and sometimes its nice to share your woes with a fellow loser.

Based on our conversation I did two things:

1. I joined Spark People to track my Calories, Goals, and Workouts.

2. I put on my Neoprene Sweat Suit and am moving the coffee table to do the new Wii Fit Plus that Mr. Gaunt bought me. Per Spark People I need to burn 252 Calories tonight. I can do this! Although I have no idea how long this will take me on the Wii Fit, the new “plus” has a calorie counter, where the old one didn’t. Ill keep yah updated.

We also mailed out two paintings tonight (thanks Mr. Gaunt!!!)

Sigh…such relief. And a smidge of motivation too!

Only bad thing is, per my desired Calorie intake on Spark People, Im spent. No dinner tonight. Maybe some hot tea and a Tangerine.



It took me 40 minutes on the Wii Fit to burn 255 Calories. And in case anyone wants to know that included:

-The “SUPER HULA HOOP” (10 minutes)

-4 reps of 10 Lunges (on each leg)

-2 Beginner boxing Sessions

-1 “Island Run” (10 minutes)

-2 Short Runs (5 minutes)

-1 Meditation Session (apparently sitting there burns 1 calorie…lol)

The Thin Is Coming Back IN!

This backside is getting smaller!

Oh yes my friends, this blog was once dedicated to getting skinny (in a totally healthy non-vanity sort of way) before it became all about cooking, weddings, and my relationship ups and downs. Not that you all don’t love to hear about that stuff too…lol! But the blog once had a purpose, and a very successful purpose…SEVENT FIVE POUNDS of purpose. And now she is BACK!

To catch you all up on my weight, I have gained between 7-10 pound since my lowest weight. Meh whatcha gonna do? I have no shame. I hit my lowest weight almost 8 months ago and have more or less maintained that weight….go me! That is without Weight Watchers and without the gym.  Basically I eat healthy enough to maintain my weight without doing much physical activity.

I guess the weight loss stopped when I quit weight watchers, quit obsessing, and started my clean eating. In the last few months though I have loosened up on some of my rules, rules that were important and that need to be put back in place!



1. No sugary Alcohol drinks. I’m not opposed to alcohol, it’s a part of the socialization scene and it can be fun. The problem is the SUGAR! Margaritas, vodka cranberries, pina coladas, all full of sugar. I need to reinstate my strict Vodka and diet tonic only.

2. no eating after 7pm. This can be hard, but I get off at 2:30 so I shouldnt let the lax.

3. Drink only water and maybe tea. Again pretty much all beverages are shit and sugar. Water is the best.

4. Nothing Fried! Ever, that’s just stupid. No fish and chips, french fries, nada!

5. Snacking is for veggies. I have to remember to keep my hand out of the chip bag. I have no self-control after I have one.

6. Veggies should be the main course. 3/4 of your plate should be veggies, not meat or carbs.

7. No beef or Pork. I find this limits my meat intake, which is always best.

8. Biggest meals first. Big breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner.

9. Small healthy snack always packed. Otherwise you will eat you own face.

10. EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!! Ugg.

So those are the big things I have slacked on. Not a lot, just a little here and there. But breaking those rules have only brought back 10 very VERY unwanted pounds. Booo.

my favorite shirt of all time!

Its my birthday this week and I’m doing a lame “LAST HURRAH” and letting myself have sushi and cake and not work out. However this will ALL END monday morning! September 13th is the start of my “Skinny Bride” “Healthy Weight” “Healthy Girl” plan. I’m even starting a new weight loss progression chart over there ———>

And weigh in will be Friday Morning, just like when I use to go to weight watchers. I will weigh myself in front of Mr. Gaunt and he will force me to write it down.

So how much more do I want to lose? 50 pounds. Yup 50, in 12 months! That’s 4.1 pounds a month and 1.04 pounds a week. that is so do-able!

Mr. Gaunt wants to lose 35 pounds in the next year. That’s 2.9 pounds a month and .7 a week. Again he can do it!

For my birthday I’m getting new tennis shoes because mine are shot. Mr. Gaunt and I have big plans for working out that I plan to hold him to! Mostly running or at least walking 5 days a week, or more.

So there yah go. If you don’t see me post again on this in 2 weeks YELL AT ME! because I’m serious! I’m gonna FINISH getting Skinny!


Spring Rolls NOT FRIED!

Whenever Mr. Gaunt and I go to Pho, we always get the Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce. they are really fresh and yummy. Not that a deep-fried spring roll isnt yummy every now and then, these ones are just so guilt free.

I have been wanting to try to make them for a long time, but could never find the right wrappers. I could always find the kind you fry, but not the fresh ones. Last week I was at Whole Foods looking at the Asian Noodles, and there they were! I guess I assumed they would be in the refrigerator section like the frying kind. They aren’t, they are dried on the shelf in the asian aisle.

A few days later Mr. Gaunt and I walked (yup we walked 3+ miles 3 times this week!) to Whole Foods and got some veggies to make these rolls. I didnt really have a specific recipe, but a number of them said to use the following:




-Sprouts (that we got in our Door to Door Organics box)


-Shrimp (optional if you are doing Vegan or Vegetarian version)

Off on our walk

Wearing my new "Habitualize Kale" shirt! So bad ass!

Things are blooming and all the streets smell like cherry blossoms.

My new produce bags that I purchased on Etsy. Awesome!

I definitely wouldn’t say these are easy or fast. Theres a lot of prep work, and a lot of mess because you cut everything into tiny match sticks. You have to thaw shrimp and you dip the rice paper wrap in water to make it soft. I think these are well worth paying for. Still kind of fun to make.

All the veggies prepped and ready to go.

Rice paper ready to soak and get soft.

Ready to Wrap

The wrapping was the hardest part. I imagine its like learning to swaddle a baby, the first time you do it its all messy and not tight. I struggled to not tear or tangle the rice paper. In the end a few were ok looking, but most of them were saggy and wrinkled. Oh well. Also we didn’t do peanut sauce, so we just dipped it in Hoisin Sauce that we already had on hand.

Walk It Out

Mr. Gaunt and I have decided to take up walking! I know, not that thrilling but I gotta do something to lose 20 lbs by July! Plus lately I’ve been feeling kind..err…Fat. I havent gained wait, been the same for a while, but I’m sick of the size I am. Time to go down a bit. So because we live right next to the Highline Canal Trail there’s really no reason for us to not walk regularly. The weather is also a lot nicer and it stays light out later. Mr. Gaunt wants me to buy a bike so we can ride together, but I’m worried we wont actually do it. If we can walk at least 4 nights a week for the entire month of May, then I will consider buying a bike. I need to know we can stick to something.

So tonight was sort of a trial to see what route we wanted to take. Turned out we walked just over 3 miles, in just under an hour. I don’t have a pedometer to track my length, but I found this great website called Gmaps Pedometer. GMP lets you trace your route on Google Maps and tells you your exact distance. Here is our route (yes at one point we tried to take a shortcut and ended up just making a loop)

Then I wanted to see how many Calories I burned. Thanks to GMP I knew we had done 3 miles in 1 hour, so I used Health Status’Activity Calorie Calculator to determine I burned almost 400 calories! Not too bad.

Highline Canal Trail

Things Are Blooming!

Our Back Yard

Twice Baked Potatoes, Healthy Style.

I wont lie and say this recipe is quick or easy, but it is absolutely fantastic! I had broccoli in my fridge that I needed to use up, so a search on food gawker brought me to this recipe for Twice Baked Potatoes with broccoli.  With a little revamping I also realized I still had a number of Sweet Potatoes that needed eating. Mr. Gaunt LOVES Sweet Potatoes (especially Sweet Potato Fries) and they are so full of good nutrients, why not add them to my Twice Baked Potatoes?

I’ve never made Twice Baked Potatoes before, but I did know that baking a potato in the oven takes a million years, that’s why man invented the microwave! 2 Large potatoes in the microwave for about 10 minutes (make sure you poke them with a fork). After they were soft I took them out and rubbed em down with a little olive oil and Kosher Salt, then threw them in the oven at 400 for about 20 minutes.

While they are baking in the oven I cut up 4 small Sweet Potatoes and boiled them, drained them, and set them aside. When the potatoes are done (they are freaking HOT!) I used an oven mit to hold them while I sliced the top off and threw it (the top) in with the Sweet Potatoes. Then gently scoop out all the potato and throw that in with the Sweet Potatoes too. Add 2 cups of raw cut up broccoli, a tablespoon of butter, milk, salt, sour cream, cream cheese (really whatever you usually use to make mashed potatoes) and mix A LOT with a hand mixer. Because the broccoli is raw you really have to give it a good mixing.  When it’s all nice and blended (yet chunky with broccoli) I put it in a gallon zip lock bag and cut the corner off so I could pipe it into the shells of the baked potatoes. Sprinkle the top with a little cheddar cheese and throw it back in the oven for another 10 minutes or so. Serve with a dollop of low-fat Sour Cream…yum!

Mr. Gaunt and I have been practicing Softball a lot lately getting ready for our first game on Wednesday (if it doesn’t snow) today we went to the batting cages which is uber fun! When we first started I couldn’t even make contact with the ball, now two years later I would say I’m an ok hitter.

Play Ball!

I think I mentioned it before but Mr. Gaunt and I have joined a new softball team! We are very excited, we played for a few years in Boulder, but it will be so nice to play down here. Mr. Gaunt is pretty good and plays 1st base. Im kind crapy (although I have gotten much much better) and play catcher. I have a pink mit, its bad ass. We have been practicing when the weather is nice. Today it is a very sunny 62 degrees! I think we will go get laundry detergent and practice a bit. I think this will be good casual exercise for us. These are from last week: