Alright, Times up.


-Over sized Meals

-Desserts, after desserts, after desserts.

-Fast food snacks

-Work Potlucks

-Work meeting donuts

-Work Team Birthday Cakes

-Cream, Cheese, Meat, Bread


-Meals of mostly vegetables

-High Protein and Fiber, Low carb Breakfast

-Fruit for snacking

-Low meat, low dairy


With Thanksgiving done and Mr. Gaunt’s Birthday finalizing tomorrow. I am OFF the Holiday Eating Wagon and onto the IM A BRIDE IN 10 MONTHS! So it’s on like Donkey Kong! I’ve got about 5 pounds to lose before the New Year, and then Id like to lose another 20 pounds by the time we move, March 11th for me.

I’m still on the fence about the gym. Id really like to go back. I’ve been battling a bit of depression lately, and I know that exercise gives you “happy” endorphins. So I’m feeling like I may need to do it for my weight loss as well as my mental health. I just need to figure out where I can shave $30 out of the current budget for it. Its something Mr. Gaunt and I need to make a priority. And then of course I need to use it, actually go to the gym regularly.

But eating healthy and getting into shape will be my focus. I know there is still Christmas, which brings (yet another) Work Christmas Party AND Work Dessert Party. But you know what, I’ve got bigger things to focus on. One Christmas, or feeling better about myself…hmm…I pick me. Might seem selfish, but it’s what I want to do.

If anyone else out there IN THE WORLD is also making some holiday weight loss plans Id love to hear about them! Sometimes I feel a bit alone in my struggles. Besides Mr. Gaunt, I really don’t have anyone to hold me accountable, its tough. Lately I just havent felt so good about myself, and I don’t like that feeling. I did a really good thing for myself and felt pretty good for a while, but its time to move forward, its time to keep putting along and always working towards a better me.



Outdoor Activity: 18 Holes!

Mr. Gaunt has taken up golfing this last year. He seems to really love it, he’d golf every day if he could. I’m just happy he has found a hobby that’s healthy!  He has been asking me to go with him for months now, and I keep passing, golf isn’t really my cup of tea. Especially not when it costs $25-$35 per person.

This past weekend though his golfing buddy got a coupon (rent a cart and golf for free)  so I agreed to go. I really wanted to drive Golf Cart! Usually Mr. Gaunt walks the course for the excercise, but a Golf Cart is fun on occasion.

I played the first 13 holes, but tired out after that. It was ok, but not my favorite thing to do. I’m still waiting for the pool to open! Here are some fun pics from our day though.

BBQ and Baseball

Well no weight has been lost, none. Thats fine though. I’m still really trying to enjoy myself and my achievements and not freaking out about not dropping weight so fast. I know this summer when the pool is open and Mr. Gaunt and I can walk the trail in the evenings that the weight will still come off. Today we got a call from a friend of ours about joining a Softball league by our house. Mr. Gaunt and I played on a Home Depot team for 2 seasons up in Boulder, but havent played really in about a year. I LOVE softball even though I kind of suck at it. I get to play catcher which is my favorite position.  Mr. Gaunt plays first base because he is tall and fast. Anyways we will be playing catch at the park now and hopefully hitting up the batting cages a couple times a week now. I’m very excited.

Last week we made BBQ chicken Pizza which was delish! It’s just a basic Whole Wheat Thin Crust Pizza from Whole Foods, with BBQ sauce, Chicken, onions and cheese topped with Cilantro. Oh and I just noticed we also put dollops of fat-free Cream Cheese on it too! It was splendid.

The drink in the first picture is my new favorite! Its called Steaz Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea, and I buy it at Big Lots or Whole Foods! It’s a lot like Izze Esque only it has Green Tea in it, and its cheaper (at Big Lots), Im a big fan.

I Hate New Years Gym Crowds!

I havent been to the gym since the New Year because I know it’s gonna be packed full of people pumping iron for their resolutions…ugg. I hate a crowded gym, well I hate any gym….ha!

I belong to 24 Hour Fitness but I never go because I am LAME and come up with THOUSANDS of excuses not to go. Recently they involve the gym being too crowded and me being too cold to go. Today’s main excuse is because I started my period and don’t wanna go workout, but I’m going to! I swear I really am! I need to lose 7 more pounds by the thirteenth and the weight isn’t falling off so I have ot go run it off! Ugg.

I’ve decided I need a little Gym motivation though, so tonight I’m going to make a 1 hour playlist on Mr. Gaunt’s ipod so I can just run until the playlist is over. Helps with time going by. Mr. Gaunt also can put movies on his ipod, so I might watch a movie too. The other BIG motivator this week is that the new season of Biggest Loser starts TOMORROW! Woop Woop! I love that they roll these season out back to back, its awesome! This season is couples, so it should be fun! Make sure you watch it!

I was talking to my friend Jason today and he mentioned how he is doing the BOLDER BOULDER this year. For those who don’t know the BOLDER BOULDER is a 10k race or walk through the heart of Boulder Colorado and CU stadium. I use to work in Boulder and once a year they would close some of the streets to do this race. I of course NEVER participated, but this year I think I might make it a little challenge! No I have no plans to run this, I am NOT a runner. I hate running in fact. Running does nothing but point out how out of shape I am, how crappy my lungs are, tight my calves, are and bouncy my boobs are. Running is lame! Although I would LOVE to be a runner, I really can’t see this ever happening. However I am more than content to walk (fast) with maybe a splash of jogging for this 10k. In case you’re like me and have never done any kind of “K” a 10k is about 6.2 miles….I can do that…maybe. So obviously I’m gonna do a bit of training on this one, no sense in killing myself by not being prepared!

The race is memorial day weekend, which is perfect for so many reasons!

1. Not too hot, not too cold.

2. The race is May 31st, one day after my brother’s birthday, so this weekend has always felt special.

3. I am hoping to have lost 100lbs by May 4th, so training for this will be PERFECT timing to kick my weight loss into overdrive.

4. I still have 21 weeks to get my ass in shape!

So I’m pretty stoked about this! And to really motivate myself I’m going to register Mr. Gaunt and I next pay-day, thats $84 for the two of us…I dont want to waste $84! I have also decided to add a little side bar thingy over there ———–> to track how long it takes me weekly to do a mile! Hopefully I can shave some time off every week!

Ok so thats about it. I’m going to hit the gym tonight and record my first mile on the treadmill!

Almost 60 baby!

Weigh in went splendid! Except that I was starving (oh come on like you dont hold off eating until after your weigh-ins!) and its “Holiday Talk” time so all we did was talk about Holiday food traditions…drool. Anyways I felt like I had a pretty good week, but it was nice to step on the scale and see…


Holla! That puts me 57.8 lbs lost! That my friend is most definitely 60lbs naked! Im very pleased with this.

In other news I really think I might wanna do the Denver Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day. Its a 4 mile walk at 10:30 am and I think it would be the perfect pre-meal activity so I dont feel bad about all the yummy food I will be having! Who else wants to do this with me?

Picture 2




My Secret Fall

I am madly in love with the season right now. This morning I took a walk around our pond to capture some of the secret moments of fall, the ones too small to see, the ones that look ugly from afar. The walk was nice, although it is mighty hot today. I know nature photos can be mighty boring sometimes, but I hope you enjoy these. I also encourage you to take your own nature walk, its great excercise and you get to work on your photography skills!