Working For?

I got a new job! Yay! It wont really start until mid October, but I’m excited. It’s a pretty awesome job, and I’m very much looking forward to working there, however when they offered me a super low hourly wage, I definitely had to think about it. I talked it over with my mom and with Mr. Gaunt, and we all agreed that for me, the opportunity to do something I really like, be appreciated, and have flexibility in my schedule trumps poor pay. I know a lot of people wouldn’t have accepted the salary, but I’ve always been someone who prioritizes quality of life, personal happiness, free time and creativity over money. It’s why I’m always poor, but also get to do a lot of things I really like, and get to spend a lot of time with my family. This new job also has some opportunities for my personal business, including giving me a ton of free time in the summer to focus on weddings. It will also probably be a job that would work around a pregnancy/babies in the future, and that is very valuable to any mom! I wont be talking about the name of this business on my blog (for privacy and professional reasons) but if you know me in real life feel free to ask, it’s not a secret. (:

In weight loss news, I have been soooo good all week! No slipping up, no feelings of hunger, and lots of moving! Yesterday I hit 9,100 steps on my Pedometer! Today I’m at 7,000 and I accidentally left it at home while I ran a bunch of errands, so I’m at way more. I even made the conscious decision to park at the back of a parking lot and walk further, go me! I have my first weigh in tomorrow, hopefully it goes well.


-Whole Grain (or low carb) bow tie pasta

-Olive Oil

-Fresh Zucchini


-Fresh tomatoes



-Salt, Pepper, and Red Pepper Flakes



Quitting for Happiness

My dearest Kelli inspired me to talk a bit about my job/future plans of unemployment.

I know I should be all freaking ecstatic to HAVE a job, any job, and I should thank my lucky stars that I can work somewhere and make a living to help support my family, blah blah blah.

Here is the thing, I can’t do it. I can’t continue to destroy my mind and spirit, and waste any natural talent and ambition I might have left. I can not hate my life for a paycheck. I can not spend 40 hours a week trying to look busy. I can not be disrespected and talked down to by some pervy old man who somehow kissed enough ass to make his way into some pointless paper pushing supervisor position.

I cant.

And I wont. (and for the record I wont be letting that happen to my future husband either, whether he can stand it or not)

And so I’m quitting. On February 25th I will NEVER go back.I will NEVER look back. And most of all I will NEVER decrease my self value like I have for the last 2 years, just for $12.35 and hour….NEVER.

So everyone wants to know what I will be doing once I get to Washington. Well, the options are endless, despite the poor economy in a college town for a girl with no degree.

Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about:

1. J+M design: continue putting along with our painting business. I will have to take 1 month off from this until Mr. Gaunt and I are back in the same house.  Our new home has a nice storage area for Canvas, and the Art community is always full of support in Bellingham. I have new ideas for promoting and would really like to continue with this. My goal is to make 30% of my half of our income this way by next January.

2. Weddings: Im sure its something that has crossed every wedding planning brides mind “I could be a wedding Planner!” but I have already done one, and I think I do offer a unique point of view. Not to mention Im not really looking to “plan” more to help “create” fun eco-friendly budget friendly weddings. Mr. Gaunt and I have talked a bit about starting a wedding “trade, rent, collect” type business as well as a cleanup/set up crew for brides who want reliable help without the high cost of a planner.

3. Marketing: My mom runs/manages a wine and tapas bar that REALLY needs to get their tushes in gear and start moving forward. I have lots of ideas to help them grow. Food, t-shirts, music, events, Id love to have a hand in all of this.

4. BLOG: This includes a serious upgrade, as well as marketing and err…a possible cookbook idea. (=

But of course those are all somewhat self-employed business opportunities. Am I willing to go back to corporate? Yes and No.


-No large corporate chains…none! It’s not a community I want to support.

-Yes to seasonal jobs at my old Graphic DEsign firm

-Yes to seasonal jobs at my brothers farm

-Yes to helping local companies work Farmers markets

-Yes to 32 hours, not 40.

-Yes to time off to be with my family, helping Mr. Gaunt through school, and all of that.

So we will see. I have such big dreams and I’m finally going to be in a position to make some of that happen! I’m so excited to be back in the community that very much supports my unusual ways of making a living.

Most of all I’m ready to grow up and stop selling myself short. Mr. Gaunt and I will be married in 7.5 months, and we plan to start a family in the near future. I want to have the flexibility and the peace of working a job that works around my life, not my life working around a job. Thats how I was raised, and that’s how I want my children raised. To be free minded, happy, and creative!