Sweet Potato Waffles

I have a bit of an obsession with Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Grain Low Fat Waffles. Seriosuly…amazing, well if you love original Eggos. I suppose if you thought the original waffle were gross than you would feel similarly about these ones. Mr Gaunt and I love these though, plus they are always on sale for super cheap.

We rarely do them up in traditional Syrup and Butter. Mr. Gaunt likes PB&J on his. In the fall when I was on my Pumpkin kick I put Pumpkin Butter on them. Sometimes I do honey, sometimes fruit and yogurt. All very pleasing. The waffles themselves aren’t very clean or organic, but they are a yummy base for some healthy toppings.

Last year at the farmers market I bought this Sweet Potato Butter for Mr. Gaunt because he loves all things Sweet Potato (especially fries), but hadn’t used it.  In our attempt to eat everything in the house before we move I finally popped it open and spread it on waffles with a little butter. Holy cow is it good! It’s totaly sweet and yummy! I think the reason I had put off opening it is that I was worried I wouldn’t like, but its soooo good!

I got mine from a local seller, but you can make your own, here is a recipe. I swear kids will love it too!