1400 Calories in Fajitas?

Lets do a breakdown of what I ate today:

-3/4 Cup non-fat Greek Yogurt

-2 Strawberries

-1 Teaspoon Honey

-1/4 Cup Low Fat vanilla Granola

-1 Apple

-1 Fig Newton

-1/2 a Plate of Mi Mexico’s Chicken Fajitas…1400 CALORIES! GAH!

Well the whole plate is supposedly 1400 Calories (when I googled Chicken Fajita Calories). I didn’t have any tortillas, Sour Cream, Cheese, and only a little of the rice/beans/Guac. I would still say it was probably around 500 Calories, with the few chips I had.

My friend Hilary says it’s important to surprise your body with a few extra calories every once in a while to help you lose weight. Let hope this works.

I also didn’t do 5k today. I only walked 2 miles, as I ended up walking to Mr. Gaunt’s work after I babysat, and its only 2 miles from our house. Needless to say let hope the scale gods are on my side in the morning.

My Love Affair with Denny’s

For those who don’t know me very well, I have a bit of an obsession with Denny’s. Yes the restaurant. Me and Denny’s go waaaaaaaay back, for real, I was practically born in a Denny’s, actually if I’m not mistaken my mom’s water may have broken with my brother at a Denny’s. My parents even met at a Denny’s. For all I know I could have been conceived in a car parked outside a Denny’s….ha…sorry mom.

Anyways like I said, me and Denny’s go way back. Both my parents worked at Denny’s for a LONG time when they were young and first married. My mom stopped working there in like…hmmm…89 I think, but we still often frequented the restaurant. When we were little we would have those little cardboard boxes of cereal at the counter for breakfast. My brother collected those “Grand Slam holographic Baseball Cards” that Denny’s gave out. My dad even smuggled him the collector binders…lol…I wonder if he still has them?

My dad himself is a professional Coffee Camper, and has gone back and forth for many years frequenting the coffee counter or bar at a Denny’s.  As teenagers we loved to spend late nights drinking coffee and eating greasy fried food at Denny’s. We even went to Denny’s before my first Homecoming Dance, and on Halloween when Kelli barfed in the bushes. We use to be awful tippers and leave sticks of gum and change in the shape of a heart for our waiters…sigh…memories.

We have spent numerous Christmas mornings having breakfast at Denny’s, and I every time I go home I have coffee with my dad at Denny’s.

The morning I left Washington to move to Colorado my mom and sister and I all had breakfast at Denny’s. When I arrived in Boise Idaho, I stopped and had dinner at Denny’s, and when I stopped in Utah, I ate a Denny’s too. When I first moved to Boulder and had nothing to do, I would sit for hours by myself at Denny’s and call my friends and family back home. Denny’s were like a little piece of home when I was so far away. I love it.

So you can see, me and Denny’s have kind of a thing. We are like family, which is why TODAY when I went to a Denny’s for pancakes (that I was craving) I was practically brought to tears by what I saw…

Whats that you say Denny’s? You now offer me:






substitutions at NO EXTRA COST!

Holy grail! It makes me beam with joy! Today I had 2 Wheat Blueberry Pancakes with Turkey Bacon, 2 scrambled eggs, and a side of fruit. It was AMAZING! And how stinking cool that they not only offering these items, but they are promoting them on their table place mat! I just think if all restaurants would follow in Denny’s footsteps, people would find it way easier to eat out healthier.

BRAVO DENNYS! You have kept me as a customer (not that I had any plans on leaving you)!

Valentines Day

I just wanted to share some pics of  our wonderful (although slightly gluttonous) Valentines Day.

On Saturday Mr. Gaunt and I went to this amazing little french restaurant in Denver called Le Central for breakfast. This place makes pretty authentic French food at amazing prices. The picture above was my meal for $7! It wa soooo good, but VERY rich, I only managed to eat about half of it, and had the taste of butter in my mouth all day. Mr. Gaunt and I ate very little after breakfast. Here’s what it is:

Oeufs Sardous

Mr. Gaunt's Smoked Salmon Benedict, also $7.

We also had amazing french bread and toasted our Valentines Day weekend with $3 Mimosas! Le Central really is a great place if you haven’t been go for Brunch.

After brunch we went to a cool poster shop on Capital Hill where I found the most amazing Cher Dark Lady Poster, full size. This is amazing because you really can’t find old school Cher posters. I am now on the hunt for a cool frame, I think I want a thick white one, not sure yet. When I get it framed I will take a picture, and you too can be jealous of my find!

On Sunday we awoke to snow, which I am sooooo over. I actually got up early to set up Mr. Gaunt’s Valentine and found mine sitting out on the counter.

100 Calorie Oreo Cakesters were my treat!

This is what my card said...lol!

The Beer (coors light) Valentine I made for Mr. Gaunt

The sign that hangs above.

View from above

After that we went out for breakfast. And then we headed to the mall for a few hours of wandering around and window shopping. Then we headed up to Estes Park to have dinner at Poppy’s. This was our third V-day where we went and had Poppy’s $12 Valentine dinner (includes salads and heart-shaped pizza and drinks for two) . It’s a cute little place, not fancy, right on the creek. It was very cold up there so we didn’t do a ton of walking around. We got back home around 7:30 just in time to watch a little Everest: Beyond The Limit and head to bed. We are both working at 5 am this week, which means because I have a 40 minute drive to work I have to get up a 3:30…eek!


I’m not a big online news reader, in fact I don’t read much news at all unless it’s from Perez Hilton...lol. My main email account is through Yahoo, so once a day I go to Yahoo.com and then log into my email. Well in the 2 seconds it takes me to hit the Email Log in button I often notice the main article Yahoo is promoting. I like these articles because they are usually short and in list form (I find I like reading lists way more than paragraphs) and simple to read. They often have really fascinating topics, especially on health!

Today when logging in I notice this headline:

4 Must-Know Restaurants Secrets!

and immediately I clicked! I actually thought it would be about restaurant cleanliness or how to save money, but it was actually about calories! You can click the headline above to go to the article, or I have taken the best part and copied it below. It’s crazy fascinating…really do read it! The bottom paragraph in bold is the best part!


Secret #1: Don’t get “supersized”
Sure, it feels like you’re getting a bargain because you’re getting proportionately more food for proportionately less money. But a “value meal” is only a value for two sets of people: the corporations that make the food and the corporations that make liposuction machines and heart stents. Because food is so inexpensive for manufacturers to produce on a large scale, your average fast-food emporium makes a hefty profit whenever you supersize your meal—even though you’re getting an average of 73 percent more calories for only 17 percent more money. But you’re not actually buying more food. You’re buying more calories. And that’s not something you want more of.

Secret #2: Remember, the waiter is a salesperson
A 2005 study published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that you’re more likely to order a side dish when the server verbally prompts you. (“Do you want fries with that?”) Restaurants know this, and now you know it, too. When the waiter makes a suggestion, remember his job is not to make you happy. His job is to extract money from your wallet and insert fat in its place.

Secret #3: Don’t get too excited
You eat out all the time. A 2008 study in the International Food Research Journal found that people are less likely to make healthy restaurant choices when they feel that they’re dining out for a “special occasion.” And as we said, dining out used to be special. But before you head out to your next meal, really take stock of how many times you’ve eaten out this week. If you’re eating every meal at home and dining out truly is a once-a-week splurge, then don’t worry about it so much. But if you’re like most of us, eating out is probably more like a once-a-day splurge. And if that’s the case, remember, there’s nothing special here. Eat smart today because you’ll have to do it again tomorrow.

Bonus tip: Download our free Eat This, Not That! guide to shopping once and eating for a week—and save calories, time, and money!

Secret #4: Start small
Here’s the good news: No one is going to stop you from ordering seconds. So be like any good businessperson, and start small. Here’s exactly how expensive it really is whenever you go for the “bargain”:

  • 7-Eleven: Gulp to Double Gulp Coca-Cola Classic: 37 cents extra buys 450 more calories.
  • Cinnabon: Minibon to Classic Cinnabon: 48 more cents buys 370 more calories.
  • Movie theater: Small to medium unbuttered popcorn: 71 additional cents buys you 500 more calories.
  • Convenience store: Regular to “The Big One” Snickers: 33 more cents packs on 230 more calories.
  • McDonald’s: Quarter Pounder with Cheese to Medium Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal: An additional $1.41 gets you 660 more calories.
  • Subway: 6-inch to 12-inch Tuna Sub: $1.53 more buys 420 more calories.
  • Wendy’s: Classic Double with Cheese to Classic Double with Cheese Old Fashioned Combo Meal: $1.57 extra buys you 600 more calories.
  • Baskin Robbins: Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Kids’ Scoop, to Double Scoop: For another $1.62, you’ve added 390 calories.

The bottom line on all this? For just a hair more than 8 bucks, you’ve bought yourself an additional 3,620 calories. If you ate each of these once a week, and you were to switch to the smaller size each time—again, still all your favorite foods, just in a more reasonable size—you’d save about $417 a year. It’s not going to buy you a new car, but it could put you on a plane to the Bahamas. But far more important than that is what it will mean to your waistline, because in saving that $417, you’ll also save 188,240 calories in a year—enough to shave a whopping 54 pounds of flab off your body! (Hey, take the 400 bucks and buy some new pants!)


Eating Out: Saj Mediterranean Grill

Mr. Gaunt, his mom and I went to a craft fair this morning and then had lunch at the Saj Mediterranean Grill that just opened up by our house. I love anything Greek or Mediterranean but dont have it too often so today I was so excited! Man this place is really good, so if your down in the Littleton area you should check it out! Oh and until then you can drool over the pictures I took  ($6.99 for the chicken combo!):