Easter Fun!

As a child I LOVED Easter! As and adult I’m stoked to finally have Easter at my house! Despite the fact that there are no kids in the family yet, I’m going all out this year!

I only did some mild decorating, to keep it classy, and cheap.

The first project I did was..umm..FREE! Easy and Fun! It’s a GREAT kids project too. I did it while watching Big Love on my couch one evening.  The directions are HERE (including an Egg Patern) it’s a good idea to make them all the same, looks cuter. I picked mostly pastel colors, but you can do bright colors too. Definitely use Behr Paint Chips from The Home Depot as they are large enough to get two eggs from one chip without getting any text on the egg.

The only other decorating I did was these four wooden Eggs I found at Value Village (already Painted). They were $2.5 for the four of them, and I love them! Vegan friends of ours came over and I showed them these. They ended up buying wooden eggs at a craft store and painting them with their daughter (instead of dying real eggs, which obviously isn’t Vegan). I like how glossy these ones are.

Today I sat down and planned out my Easter Menu and Shopping List. I think I might need to get a Costco batch of Eggs..lol! The three things on the Menu are:

-Eggs ala Goldenrod

-Butterscotch Bird Nests

-Deviled Eggs

and probably Ham or Bacon from my mom’s Pig.

All I need now is a fun spring cocktail!