BBQ and Baseball

Well no weight has been lost, none. Thats fine though. I’m still really trying to enjoy myself and my achievements and not freaking out about not dropping weight so fast. I know this summer when the pool is open and Mr. Gaunt and I can walk the trail in the evenings that the weight will still come off. Today we got a call from a friend of ours about joining a Softball league by our house. Mr. Gaunt and I played on a Home Depot team for 2 seasons up in Boulder, but havent played really in about a year. I LOVE softball even though I kind of suck at it. I get to play catcher which is my favorite position.  Mr. Gaunt plays first base because he is tall and fast. Anyways we will be playing catch at the park now and hopefully hitting up the batting cages a couple times a week now. I’m very excited.

Last week we made BBQ chicken Pizza which was delish! It’s just a basic Whole Wheat Thin Crust Pizza from Whole Foods, with BBQ sauce, Chicken, onions and cheese topped with Cilantro. Oh and I just noticed we also put dollops of fat-free Cream Cheese on it too! It was splendid.

The drink in the first picture is my new favorite! Its called Steaz Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea, and I buy it at Big Lots or Whole Foods! It’s a lot like Izze Esque only it has Green Tea in it, and its cheaper (at Big Lots), Im a big fan.

Hey I Went to a Weigh In!

I skipped last week due to the cold and my own sheer laziness. Tonight however I got my ass in gear and headed out in the cold (with as little clothing as possible of course) and weighed in!

Weigh in went pretty well, except that the woman behind the desk tells me I need a new book (we get little books that they put our weight stickers in every week), I tell her “no thanks, I like mine” she tells me that everyone has to start the new year with a new book. I am irritated by this. I love my book! It has logged every pound I have lost, it is worn to shit from swimming around my purse all week, it has my little goals noted in the spine. I don’t want a new book! The woman gives me no choice and puts this weeks sticker in my new shiny book! F*** You lady!

Ok moving on from that rant, my weigh in results were…

-2.4 pounds

Not too bad, please note its for two weeks not just one. I’m not really seeing huge weeks anymore. I’m hoping to lose at least 1.6 pounds this week to put me at my 65lbs lost. Then only 10 more pounds till goal! On my scale I need to lose 7 more pounds by january 1st. This is no time to screw up!

This weekend Mr. Gaunt and I have THREE parties to attend! The first is friday night up in Boulder for a friends going away party. It’s at a bar and I’m sure will involve plenty of alcohol (or as I refer “the silent fattener!)…ugg. The second is a holiday cocktail party that will have more alcohol and cookies! I plan on bringing my one point Coconut Macaroons just incase theres nothing else. I like to snack at a party. The last is Sunday and its Mr. Gaunt and I’s work christmas party. Its going to be at a bowling alley with a pizza buffet…holy cow! I havent had real pizza in at least 6 months, I will not start now.  So I’m a little worried, but I’m gonna try to limit myself. I need to look up info on low cal drinks and make sure they are available.

Tonight Im making Eggplant lasagna with ground turkey! Ill post pics and the recipe later tonight.

Things I Love This Week!

Just a few things that are really rockin my world this week:


Brookside Foods Dark Chocolate Pomegranate


Izze Esque – Low Calorie Izze (So yummy mixed with red wine!)


500 Days of Summer Soundtrack – If you like Regina Spektor, Feist, Simon and Garfunkle and the Smiths then go buy this!


Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender – Better than a food processor!