A Bit of Personal Promoting!

I have mentioned before the Mr. Gaunt and I have started a Pop-Art Painting business. We have an Etsy Website here:


And a facebook fan page where we show new updates, and will (very)soon have some promotions and giveaways!


We were recently accepted into the Smoky Hill High School Christmas Craft Fair on November 6th! If you are in the Colorado area you should come by and see us!

The main focus of our business is doing custom stencil portraits, but since we will be doing a craft show we wanted to have a smaller item that people could take home that day. So I hae spent the last few weeks making up a ton of stencil designs and painting up small (9″ x 12″) pop art! They come in tons of colors and are quite fun!








Kids Felt Crowns & Engagement Photos

Sometimes I get a little crafty, and am actually pleased with what I have made! These crowns were made for my friend Jen’s Daughter who turned 5 a week ago. I used this Tutorial and then just made the designs up on my own. This was the first time I made something with elastic, and was shocked how easy it was! Mr. Gaunt made the monster for me…soo cute! I also made the princess one with ribbon instead of elastic to make it more feminine. I really hope Torrae loves them!

I also wanted to share a few of our favorite engagement photos that Jen took of us when we were in Washington. She gave me a disk of like 200 so it took me a while to go through them all, but here they are. Oh and I picked out my engagement ring yesterday…yipee! I’m hoping to have it made and on my finger by my birthday!


Mr. Gaunt and I have been working hard on example paintings for our new little creative business…

We are both very excited about it! We are meeting with our friend Justin this weekend (to help paint his basement) and hopefully will talk a bit about a business plan. We have to figure out where we want to sell, how we will set up custom orders, and what we will charge for each piece. Until then I took a few pictures of our latest examples. The photos aren’t the greatest, but I’m sure I can get better at that.You get the idea.

Can crafting make us money?

This is my ultimate life goal: To make money being crafty. My mom did it, my best friends parents did it too. Hundreds of people on Etsy do it every day! I however have yet to find my THING. Something I am good at, that people want to buy. I dabbled a bit in felt sewn art, but found that although people thought it was cool, they didn’t really understand it. I made a few hundred dollars over the year, but basically just put it back into art supplies.

Last week I had a breakthrough! Seriously. While thinking up a gift for Jenny’s birthday I came across an idea that just might be something people would want to buy! We have actually done this before, but this one turned out extra good, good enough to sell even.  Basically we will be making custom stencil paintings of babies, people, weddings, pets etc (see example below) at a reasonable price.

Mr. Gaunt and I got all excited and after hearing such great responses from people we really think we are going to give this little idea a shot. Jenny’s husband Justin is onboard too, he is going to help us with the marketing aspect, because that’s what we kind of stink at, and he is very good at it.

The next few weeks we will be putting together some examples and working with Justin on how to get this started. Wish us luck!

Oh and here is what we made for Jenny. It’s from a photo I took about 4 months ago of little Liam, I wish I had taken a better pic of the finished product. As you can see its pretty large.

Mr. Gaunt holding the painting of Liam

Based on this photograph

Making Reusable Snack Bags

I posted a while ago about trying to reduce how many grocery bags, plastic bags, foil, etc and some option for purchasing reusable snack bags.  I actually did buy these reusable produce shopping bags last week, I cant wait to get them! Anyways I told myself I could make my own sandwich/snack bags, and today with a little extra spare time I actually went to Joann’s to get supplies.

I asked the woman at Joann’s what I should use to line the inside of my bags to make them washable, or at least wipe-down-able. She suggested either buying sheet plastic (that you can sew) or THE BEST THING EVER Iron on Vinyl! It’s perfect! Makes sewing so easy!

There are a number of tutorials that you can follow to make them, just google Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial and pick one…lol! I on the other hand am annoyed by following a tutorial. I hate all the pinning and measuring and what nots. I’m a lazy sewer…lol! SO I just sort of made up my own way. I bought zippers to use, but after watching a few you tube videos about zippers, I went to Velcro. Yup lazy.

Here is how I made mine:

STEP ONE: Take a large enough piece of fabric to make both sides of your snack bag (measure a regular ziplock bag + 1/4 inch if you want something to go off of) then cut your vinyl the same size and iron it on the backside of your fabric (per package instructions).

STEP TWO: After the entire back of the fabric is vinyl, cut two squares. One should be about an 1 1/2″ longer than the other (for your fold over flap. Fold over all the edges a little bit and iron them down (note iron them with the vinyl facing downward so you don’t melt the vinyl onto the iron).

STEP THREE: Sew all the ironed down edges on both squares.

STEP FOUR: Measure your velcro to the length of the opening of your bag. Line up your two squares and fold over your flap to place the velcro properly.

STEP FIVE: Sew on one side of your vinyl to the flap, and one side onto the front of the bag.

STEP SIX: Line each square up again and verify that your flap and velcro line up. Pin around the edges.

STEP SEVEN: Sew all three edges.


I haven’t washed in yet in the washing machine, but the Vinyl says it can be machine washed and line dried.  I will attempt this later today. You can turn it inside out and wipe it down with a sponge. They can also be ironed.

If you size it right it should fit a whole sandwich, and snacks like almonds and trail mix. I’m gonna make a bunch of these with all the extra fabric scraps I have. Very pleasing.