Running Update: it still sucks

Oh yes it does.

Technically we have done 10 runs, and one would think that by 10 runs it would be getting slightly easier, but it’s not. In fact it might be getting harder.

I suppose some parts are getting easier. I don’t get sore anymore. My legs may get slightly tired, but the next day my muscles and back don’t ache like the first 3 runs. I’m also getting better at finding the “zone” you know, the “running zone” where you focus on just moving and breathing. Id say this is the hardest part of running, finding a comfortable “zone”

Breathing is where I really struggle. physically I could probably run for a while, but my lunges will be screaming and I will pass out. Last week on a particularly hard day I let my mind wander from the “zone” and started to worry about my breathing. The more I worried the tighter and smaller my throat got. I stopped running and started crying. Crying only makes it worse by the way. I eventually had to find a new “zone” one that stopped the crying and opened my throat up. It’s a scary thing not being able to breathe.

Mr. Gaunt has good days and bad days too. he has mild excercise induced Asthma and one day he forgot his inhaler. Half way through the run he had to stop and throw up in the bushes to get his breath back.

Running: Not a pretty thing.

This week we have started bringing our iPods. Mr. Gaunt bought one of those arm band things, and hates it. To get it to stay up it has to be pretty tight, which hurts his arm. It will be going back to the Apple Store tomorrow. I just stick my little Nano in my bra. I put my 1000 most played songs on my iPod and put it on shuffle. Katy Perry seems to keep me moving quite well.

And so we carry on. Tomorrow is day 4 which is a “day off” so we wont be running. Next week things get harder. Ugg.

I erased last week.

For real, buh bye Last week!

I only ran two out of the required 5 days.

It was hot (and still is, at 92 degrees tomorrow)

I was busy in the evenings (taking naps)

Ive been a bit stressed/depressed

I ate a bunch of crap

I gained back the 3 pounds I lost the prior week.

There it is. Not so pretty, kind of embarrassing, and very depressing. So overall Id say that week needs to go buh bye. So because I’m the one who makes the rules, I declare a DO OVER! So last week is no longer. Id like to say today I went running, but alas I did not. I went to one of the last Rockies games with Mr. Gaunt and ate a hot dog….SO SHOOT ME!


I swear swear swear up and down that this week I will brave the heat and go running.

In other news:

-I got a 2nd job at Pier 1 for the holidays. I filled out paperwork today. I’ll be working 2-3 evenings a week.

-Mr. Gaunt and I spent a lovely day in the mountains looking at the Aspen Trees on Saturday (pics to come).

-I got some AMAZING clearance shirts at the Gap today ($110 worth for $24!)

-I am ALMOST done scrapbooking 2009!

-I ordered some enlarged prints of our engagement pictures.

-We went to the Farmers market and got tons of veggies for dinners this week.

-I am two punches away from a free Latte!

Alright kids, I’m tired and am going to hit the hay. XOXO

Week One Weigh In!

Birthday dinner September 12th 2010

Week One Total Loss – 3 Pounds

Mr. Gaunt Loss – 2 Pounds

Woop! That’s not too bad! I ate pretty healthy this week. I only had two lattes, and we made some pretty great dinners. One night I made mashed Sweet Potatoes with Edmame, brocoli and a little turkey sausage all combined. It was amazing! Then Mr. Gaunt made a squash and zucchini stir fry. And last night we went out to eat and got veggies burgers with fruit as our side.

As for running, we completed 4 days of running and have to one more today. They encourage you to take at least every third day off to give your muscles a break, so we took Thursday off. The running itself isn’t too bad, our muscles got really sore on Wednesday, so sore we were both hobbling around like old people. It’s hard to find a rhythm of briskly jogging and not being too winded. We are both just very out of shape, and neither of us have ever been runners.

On a side note my new shoes might be the most comfortable shoes ever!

Next week the plan changes up a bit, which I will post about on Sunday. I’m a little nervous, but will give it my best effort. Today I have an interview for a part-time seasonal position at Pier 1, I’m a little nervous to start working two jobs, but I just have to focus on the goal and stick it out. So far switching to Mr. Gaunt’s team at work is working out very nicely too.


Were serious about getting in shape!

Its day one! PLUS UPDATE

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th Birthday (that I will post on later) therefore today is September 13th! The first day of our Couch to 5K program! We ate all sorts of yummy things last week, a grand finale if you will. So today we can start dropping pounds!

New Workout Shoes I got for my Birthday!

Here’s our training for today:

WEEK ONE: workout 1:

Brisk five-minute warm up walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

Pretty simple I’d say. I’m mean I’m sure it’s going to kill us, but we are giving it our best shot!

(I will update this post after we complete the workout)


So we (sort of) did it! I told Mr. Gaunt when we got there that it was 90 seconds of walking, but he thought that wasnt right and convinced me it was longer, so we walked for 120 seconds.¬† Oh well. It was STILL bloody hard! And I knew it would be. The first run was ok, even the second. The third was hard, and only got harder. My legs got a little tired, and my breathing sucks. Not asthma, just heavy breathing. As soon as I walk my breathing regulates nicely, so it’s just something that will get better as I work at it.

Mr. Gaunt actually did WAY better than me! I was surprised, he was fast and didn’t seem nearly as exhausted as I was. I’m proud of him. After the workout we sat in the parking lot of the park and waited 45 minutes for AAA to unlock the keys our of car…that was fun….lol!

I’m excited to keep working at it and hopefully I’ll get stronger and better at it! Yay for learning to run!

Thoughts on Skipping Dinner

Alright, before anyone freaks out and goes into “eating disorder” “starvation” “metabolism meltdown” mode, let me explain.
When I say skipping dinner, really I mean changing dinner. Making dinner the smallest and least planned meal, turning it more into an evening “healthy snack” of sorts.
See Mr. Gaunt and I start our day at 5am, and have usually consumed about 200 calories by 5:45 am. That means we have on average another 17 hours of “eating time” to fill. If you eat ever 2-3 hours, that’s a ton of food.
Currently we eat like this:
5:00 am WAKEUP!
5:45 am BREAKFAST: Drink smoothies while driving to work (200 Calories) some mornings we also have a light  pb&j (150 calories)
8:00 am BREAK: Cliff bar or piece of fruit (150 – 200 Calories)
10:00 am LUNCH: Fruit + meal (500-600 Calories)
12:30 am BREAK: Tea
4:30 SNACK: Ezekiel bread with swiss cheese, tomato and avocado open face (300 Calories)
So it’s about 5 hours before bed time and I have consumed give or take 1300 calories. According to this site I should eat 1900 calories to lose fat and 1680 calories for extreme fat loss.
That gives me 300 more calories for the rest of the day. I can tell you right now, that although I make dinner almost every night, I am never starving. I’ll even admit that sometimes I’m not even hungry, I just eat because I made it. I would be perfectly happy with a sandwich, or some fruit, or another smoothie. I don’t need a 600 calorie dinner. I eat great all day, I’m never hungry because I eat every two hours.
This will also help because Mr. Gaunt and I plan to start the Couch to 5k plan. Running around 6pm. I don’t want to be A. Full or B. Worried about starting dinner. I want no excuses to not work out!
So we are going to give it a shot for one week and see how we feel. If we are hungry we will eat. If we are tired or headachey or in any way uncomfortable we will re assess the situation.The main goal is to eat during the day when we are being active and working, and get all our calories and nutrition early on so the evening can be a time for working out, digestion and relaxation.
Any opinions are welcome.