The House, The Lunch, The Barrel

I’ve done these before, but they make me soooo happy that I thought I would do an updated one.

Although the bottom photo also says March, and really it was taken today April 28th, so that’s a lie. The newest addition to the front yard would be the landscaping, new plants and black mulch. Also if you squint you can see the new grass growing in where we brought the front beds in a foot or so. It’s growing so nicely.

It literally shocks me that the house looked like that last year. I’m sorry, but our neighbor who lives directly across the street from us must be thanking their lucky stars that we moved it. Soooo much nicer to look at.

Today for lunch Mr. Gaunt and I grilled. We made chicken sausages, french fries and leeks from the garden. The weather held out so we could eat on the Patio and Mr.Gaunt could hit some golf balls. Now its getting chilly.

For those who wonder, Hula does go into the backyard when it’s nicer. She HATES being cold, so she will only go out there if it’s above 55 degrees. She also just lays in the grass or follows us around. She has no interest in jumping the fence or running away (I don’t know if she even knows how to jump or run…lol!). She also comes in when we do, or if we clap at her she just prances in on her own. It’s a pretty ideal situation, as it would be super annoying to have to keep the back door closed, but I will not risk losing her and let her run wild. I really want to put a screen door (like the kind with a glass bottom, like a storm door) on the front door so I can have the door open for airing out the house, but so she can’t escape. I’m going to hunt for one used at the RE store.

Also I bought a 60 gallon food barrel off Craigslist last week for Mr. Gaunt to make me a rain barrel! We don’t have a water supply in our front yard, so this is going to make taking care of the front gardens a lot easier. And don’t worry, I plan to paint the barrel either the house color or black so it’s not so glaringly blue. (: