Blew My mind

Today I happened upon a photo of myself on Facebook that I had (obviously) untagged myself in. The picture literally blew my mind. I KNEW it was me, but the longer I stared at the more I couldn’t even recognize myself.  Who the hell is that girl?

Most days it is hard to look at the work I have done and appreciate it. This photo makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

Me and Manda August 2008

Me and Manda July 2010

Baby Got Back.

Who in the world doesn’t DREAD having a backside photo taken of themselves? Anyone? Yeah didn’t think so. I would rather chew off my hand then have a picture of my ass taken. Seriously, this is NOT cute:

August 2009

But then something crazy happened, and this photo was taken of me and Kelli walking down town Bellingham. I’m not appalled, not at all. Hmm…is it possible that my back side is no longer revolting? I’m sure another 25 pounds taken off those thighs wouldn’t hurt, but things aren’t looking too shabby.

Me and Kelli March 2010

In other non ass related news, I took a 15 hour sleep last night and lost 4 pounds. This pretty much takes care of any weight I had gained over the lat week or two. I’m please. Oh and in exciting news, a Mr. Gaunt post will be coming soon! Pictures and a Q&A!

White Tee’s

My good friend Kelli has been losing weight over the last year and half, and looks stinking AMAZING! We had a picture taken of the two of us about 2 years ago at the Denver Zoo both wearing white T-Shirts. We decided that we wanted to take an updated version while I was in Washington this past weekend. Enjoy!

Kelli and Me: October 2007

Kelli and Me: March 2010

Oh and just because I love a shock value, this is Kelli and I nine months ago. The last time I was in Washington for a friends wedding 50lbs ago:

Kelli and Me: August 2009

The Stock Show: A Comparison in Years

Mr. Gaunt and our friends went to the Stock Show last night! We had planned to go last week but we got sick. In case you dont know, the Stock Show is BIG out here, all very country but lots of fun. I went for the first time last year and loved it so I insisted we make it a tradition. I can’t wait to have babies and buy adorable little lime green cowboy boots for them! Ahhh sooo cute!

Anyway I remembered that we had taken lots of pictures last year, and since it was shortly before we started WW I figured they would make GREAT comparison shots! See how far we have come in a year:

First up this photo is really funny because I don’t remember him doing this last year. This is Mr. Gaunt showing how he thinks cow is yummy. Trust me I really tried to make him stop.



Here is me, next to a lovely blond cow (cuz Im a blond yeah yeah yeah) not the exact same shot but close enough!



And a little shot of the two of us. Both looking waaaay better as far as Im concerned!



So thats fun isnt it! Ok now on to a whole ton of Stock Show pictures!

Bedazzled Belts Galore!

Our friend bought this and I refused even a bite! Go me!

Nice Hair!

Mr. Gaunt making a rope!

Yes he wore his cowboy shirt.

Broncos Rope!

Cute cows all fluffy with their winter coats.

Nice Horns. They drooled a lot.

All the food there was either beef or pork! I did splurge and have some fries, which Mr. Gaunt so lovingly caught on film.

yum...I love fries.

Im even kind of sporting Horse Girl Hair!

While searching for last years Stock Show photos I had to scroll through a ton of pics from last year…gross. Lots of awful before pics that I will share with you another day! Tonight we are going out for sushi, yay friday!