-13 February

When we woke up for work (5am) it was -13 with a -30 windchill. It said you could get frost bite within 10 minutes. No thanks. We stayed in bed a snuggled Hula and were warm.

Today is the first day of February! I must say that January and February are my two least favorite months. They are cold and boring, and I am usually waiting for something coming up like a vacation, or spring break, or this year…a move.

February marks only 1 month left to pack for me. I gave myself a goal to be DONE with packing by March 1st so that I have about 12 days to do cleaning and painting and repairs. I don’t want to bring it down to the wire. Now. Mr. Gaunt will still be here through the end of March, but I want him to relax and enjoy his last few weeks and not have to worry about any of that stuff. So I have 4 weekends to get in gear.

February also marks 8 months until our wedding! I feel like we are on track financially and planning wise.  Most of the big things have been booked or are going to be booked in March (we want to meet our DJ before booking him). I’m excited to do menu planning and decoration purchasing when we finally get to Washington.

I plan to make Chili today, and I plan to venture out for coffee and a muffin, as I REALLY want a muffin.

Ok that’s it.



Its Finally Getting Chilly!

So of course I went to Savers (Value Village) and got some sweet sweaters! I love fall! This Fall we happen to be super busy and we just never made it to the Pumpkin Farm…sad day. We also have yet to decided on costumes. Oh well, can’t be perfect every year, or most years…lol! We only have 10 days until our craft fair. Business cards have been ordered, doors have been painted, order forms are being written, paintings are getting wrapped in tissue for travel! Exciting stuff!


Mr. Gaunt and his mom at a wedding. New (to him) $5 sweater!




Cauliflower Soup

Although the weather has yet to cooperate, tomorrow is October 1st, and that means ITS FALL!

Fall to me means:

-Pumpkins EVERYTHING! Lattes, scones, muffins, decorations, EVERYTHING!



-Snuggles on the couch watching either A. When Harry Met Sally  B. Stepmom

-Crisp walks in the woods

-Halloween at all the thrift stores!

-Candy Corn and Carmel Apple Pops on my coffee table

-My two BFF’s Birthdays!

But this post is about soup, not fall, lets not get too excited now, it’s still in the 70’s this week (although there are signs of rain and 60’s ahead). And this soup was amazing!

Mr. Gaunt swears he hates Cauliflower, but in this household BEGGERS CANT BE CHOOSERS! You eat what I make you! No picky eaters! End of rant.

So I made Cauliflower Soup, and I made it so delicious that he ate it all up and loved it! He also had it for lunch two days in a row! Beat that picky eaters!

Ok the recipe (which I wont post on here because it’s the same thing) is from this blog CLICK HERE and I only made a few changes.

1. I hate cooked carrots, so buh-by. Instead I replaced the Carrots with a smaller head of Kale, which is the most amazing food on earth.

2. Right after the onions were sautéed I added diced Apple Chicken Sausage (that I get at Costco or Target)

3. I didn’t have any Parsley so I did Thyme and Basil. I also did a good shaking of Red Pepper Flakes (which belong in all soups)

4. I used Fat Free Milk and Sour Cream

5. I used 3 cups of Chicken stock and 4 cups of Vegan Beef Flavored Bullion Cube stock (because that’s what I had)

Other than that I followed it to a T! And it was Perfect! And could feed a family of four for two days, or a family of two for three days! Enjoy folks!

Oh and I kinda destroyed my lightbox and its getting dark so early these days so all my pictures suck. This weekend Mr. Gaunt and I will be building a new one for me.