Fall Fashion For Me!

Fall is soooo here. I made pumpkin muffins last night, and have been drink non fat pumpkin spic lattes all week. I love it! With fall comes my absolute favorite style! Layers! I’m all about leggings, a flared skirt, a 3/4 length shirt with a big scarf and a cardigan. Bring it on! Here are a few of my favorite (could never afford them) fall clothing items. I’ve already picked up 3 sweaters at a thrift store 2 weeks ago, but I plan to be bulking up my fall wardrobe very soon, and I promise to take pics. Now I need to order lots and lots of tights!

Shrug $30

Linen Tee $50

Fox Scarf $17

Leggings $17.25

Pullover 39.95

Ankle Pant $69

Dress $66.99

Infinity Scarf $30

Knit Blazer $62

Market Dress $95

Dress May

It’s May already! That basically means its smooth sailing to summer…seriously.

Mr. Gaunt and I went for a lovely 2 hour alley walk (where we walk the alleys of our neighborhood, its awesome, people are slobs) and then tonight we went and got Menchies, which resulted in the owner recognizing me from this post, which NEVER happens to me, so I’m all sorts of blogger giddy.

Anyway, all around the states its warming up. In Colorado it’s been in the 70s and 80s, in Missouri its in the 90s, on the East Coast people are having high 70s. Here in little old Bellingham Washington we are looking at the next 10 days under 65 degrees. THAT my friends is a little something I like to call SPRING!

Spring is this great season full of rain and bursts of sunshine…hope. Its the light at the end of long wet winter, it’s the tip toe into summer. Spring is prepping the gardens and growing the tress. I feel bad for all the states that miss out on Spring. Yes sometimes I think I too would like some 80 degree weather, but I know there is a time and place for 80 degree weather, and its in July, not in May. I know to appreciate 80 degrees you need 2 months, not 5 month of it. To prep your lawns and vegetables, and rivers for those hot summer days, you NEED spring.  Spring I welcome you with open arms, and I accept all the rain you want to give us. My Succulents are lush and happy and my car is clean. (:

Another great thing about Spring is that it gives you time to window shop for Summer! And window shopping I am. (click photos for source)

Of course I can’t afford any of these clothes or accessories. Which is fine. It’s fun to see what prints and styles I’m interested in, and to obviously keep my eye out for similar styles that are more budget friendly.


St. Patty’s Day Pizza

Ok this is  a few days old, obviously St. Patrick’s Day was last Wednesday. originally I was planning on looking up something Irish to make for dinner, but that would have entailed going to the grocery store and buying more food, and that is NOT in the budget. So I decided if I couldn’t be IRISH it could at least be GREEN!

I whipped up this MEAN LEAN GREEN Pizza last-minute and it was SUPERB! The whole time we were eating it Mr. Gaunt and I kept saying things like “God I love Kale” and “How did we go so long without eating all these veggies” and “This might the best Pizza yet!” It was quite lovely.

Ok so this Pizza is a Whole Wheat crust from Whole Foods (comes in a two pack and it is by far the cheapest and best crust) with olive oil and garlic brushed over it. Then comes a layer of VERY thinly slice turkey sausage. After that is Onions, Kale, Broccoli and Mushrooms. I sprinkled a little more olive oil on top, topped with Mozzarella Cheese and a few dollops of Cream Cheese.  Bake per crust instructions.

The Kale gets all crispy and yummy (which only makes me more excited to make Kale Chips) and the light olive oil sauce is really just perfect. I would absolutely make this again, and it was MAJOR GREEN! Yay no pinches for the food!

Today we are going to brunch for Ms. G’s Birthday at Fresh Fish Co. We were suppose to go Friday night but it snowed a ton. Today however it is a lovely 50-60 degrees and I will be wearing this adorable wool pleated bubble skirt (with pockets)I got at the Gap a few weeks ago for $8.99!

I also got these cute Sailor style Button up the sides dress pants ($6.99) and a Bubble Shift Dress ($3.99). Sorry for the nasty face and hair, this was when I was super sick.

Shorts are the Devil!

I think the last time I wore shorts was in 2001 at my family’s beach cabin. I remember getting the pictures back from that trip and thinking “oh my god I will NEVER wear shorts again!” This is true, because I have not worn shorts since then, almost 10 years ago! There are many things about my body shape that Im pleased with: medium size boobs, a smaller waist, hips, a little bit of an ass. And then there are things I dont like: LEGS LEGS LEGS! Yes I hate my legs! They are chubby and dimpled and pale! eeew! Im pretty sure no amount of weight loss will ever make them pretty. In the summer I sport mostly capris, or jeans rolled up or skirts. No shorts!

To be honest, I dont even hate the look of shorts. Some people look adorable in shorts! I’m even a fan of the really short shorts and high heal look! But for me…nope!

Last night I was at the mall finishing up some christmas shopping and stopped in at the GAP where they had some old summer clearance they were selling for 97 cents! One item included girls boxer shorts. I bought them without trying them on. They are kinda cute and pink and nice to sleep in. I took pictures of myself this morning (because I dont trust mirrors) and I have to say, although my legs are still ugly as sin, things are looking a little better. I though I would do a little comparison shot for you. The first pic (for dramatic effect) is from June about 12 pounds lost. The second is from this morning at 60+ pounds lost (no makeup and crazy hair!) Enjoy!

Im really hoping by summer that I will be thin enough (and tan enough) to maybe rock a pair of shorts. We will see!

Rewarding Yourself

When losing weight its important to set goals for yourself. I found it really helpful that I was going back to WA 3 months after I started WW, a great way to show off and motivation to look as good as possible, but what to do when you dont have an event to show off? You need to reward yourself! Now prior to starting a weight loss/healthy lifestyle I may have used things like a big yummy dinner out to reward myself, but now I have to think of other things that make me happy but not…err…fat.


Available on Etsy.com

So my newest goal set today: When I lose 12 more pounds (12 will put me at about a total of 40lbs loss, Im hoping to hit by the end of August) Im going to throw away ALL of my underwear (dont worry none of it is quality) and buy nice new (and smaller) undies!

YAY I REALLY want to do this so I cant wait!

How are you (or have you) rewarded yourself with weight loss??? Love to hear ideas!