The Crappiest Task Yet!

Today after I completed a TOP SECRET PROJECT (Ill show you on Sunday) and waiting for two Spray Paint Projects to dry, I completed the CRAPPIEST TASK YET!

Sounds exciting doesn’t it.

And that project would be….


I know…your jealous right.

It took me 45 minutes and 3 Magic Erasers. It sucked. Full on Hands and Knees on the floor scrubbing. For the most part it all came clean, besides some gouges and severe stains. I also used a scraper to scrape off old gunk, old paint, and things I dont even want to know about. Gag. My shoulder is going to be sore tomorrow.

Would it be rude to insist people take their shoes off when they go into the kitchen?

I still have the laundry room and bathroom to do, but they will have to wait until I obtain more Magic Erasers, and more energy.

BEFORE: (note: these floors had already been mopped…twice)

and AFTER:

And answers to two questions I’m sure you are all asking:

1. YES you can buy Magic Erasers in BULK!

2. No they are not really MAGIC….but almost!

Thursday Night Excitement!

Its a total lie, unless you find cat pictures really exciting.

-A Painting will be shipped

-The bookshelves will be purged (and possibly packed)

-The spare room will be organized to accommodate packed boxes

-The Armour/Desk will be emptied and cleaned

-The cardboard will be organized

-The Medicine drawer/cabinets will be purged

-The camera will be uploaded

-Photos will be edited and blogged

-Dinner will be cooked, still trying to eat all the pantry food before the move

Tomorrow I’m having a girls night, then Sunday Mr. Gaunt and I are going to a wedding Expo at Invesco Field! All very pleasing. Ok now for the good stuff! I leave you with some pictures of my two favorite people…Being ungodly adorable.


A Weekend. A List.

We are having a snow day today! Mr. Gaunt and I ran a few errands (obviously it’s not that bad) and we finished 2 paintings, as well as bought 2 more canvas’ for paintings this week.  Business is going along nicely.

Other fun things:

-Later this week we are having the ARC come pick up a TON of stuff. It’s so nice not to have to bring it somewhere, you just call them and schedule a time for pick up…pleasing.

-Im also making a large delivery of art/sewing supplies to the Ronald McDonald house of Aurora. Very excited about this!

-Im on the hunt for Canisters. All of my baking stuff (flour, sugar, etc) is in Ziplock Bags. Not very safe or functioning. I wish I could find some used or something.

-We got rid of FIVE large trash bags of clothing!

-I cleaned out all my food cabinets and tossed all the weird stuff. Now we are on a mission to eat everything before we move.

-Today we cleaned and listed a ton of furniture on Craigslist. The rule is, the price drops until it sells. Nothing comes with.

-We are going to go next week and have the trailer hitch installed on my car at Uhaul.

-The both of us have cooked for the last 4 nights. I even have some recipes to show you very soon.

Alright, nothing too exciting. I leave you with some pictures from the weekend.

Friday night my friend Dominique and I had Sushi and Cocktails at John Holly's

Saturday we went through most of the Kitchen and Spare Room, resulting in 7 large donation boxes.

The Kitchen counter turned into a sorting area. KEEP TOSS DONATE

Sunday we went through all our clothing and extra linens. 5 Donation bags.

Sunday night it snowed resulting in a SNOW DAY!

Hula where are all your toys?

Hula loses pretty much every toy she has ever received. I had no idea where they go. seriously she will have them for an hour and then they are gone. Today during my deep cleaning of the kitchen I found them.

hula 4

The scary view when you move your stove!

hula 3

Like 10 toys! And a million more dust bunnies!

hula 2

Some very dirty toys

hula 1

That is one very happy cat.