No Ritas for Me.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I hunted around a bit for Bethennys Skinny Girl Margarita, but when I couldn’t find it, I took it as a sign that it was best I didn’t have any ‘Ritas this year.

Instead I made healthy Taco Salads for me and Mr. Gaunt! I even made Shredded chicken like at a Mexican restaurant, it was amazing! I used this recipe, but added 1/2 a packet of  Fajita Seasoning.

Salad also included:

-Romain Lettuce

-Black Beans


-Pico De Gallo

-Fat Free Sour Cream

-Low Fat Cheese

-Shredded Chicken


They were so fresh and yummy! I also walked 4.5 miles today. Awesome.

Hey MOM!

It has come to my attention that I have been a blog slacker. This is sorta true, we are too darn busy. I’m keeping this short because I had two margaritas for Cinco De Mayo, and I’m tipsy. I did however get a new phone, woohoo! And my BFF Mallory and I have decided to start our own Eco/Green Friendly Event Planning business together! Well we have lots to think about, and I have to move back to Washington, but it is all very exciting! I also booked tickets to Washington for July.

I wish I was gonna see my mom for Mothers day! Hopefully her card gets there on time, I miss her.

Today is my one year anniversary of losing weight. I have gained 5lbs, Im lame. I think I might have to revamp my eating tomorrow, I’ll blog about it. In honor of this, I cut 4 inches off my hair. I think I like it, it’s a lot healthier.

I leave you with a pics that didn’t need a whole post, but together make a fun collage!

Mr. Gaunt and I. This is his “I love u” face.

And Hula being cute drinking milk

Oh and I bought a Brita, but have had some difficulties with it, I’ll blog about “WATER” soon

I also snuggled a Fritz!

Had a girls night with Dominique and C’est Moi Jolie! We are planning a big girls night for the Premier of Sex and the City!

Made a yummy Vegan Chocolate Cereal snack with Kiwi!