A Brother Birthday

My Brother Forrest turned 28 today!

He is leaving on Saturday to move to California…sad…but exciting for him! We went out to dinner this evening to celebrate. It’s the last time all of us will be together for a while. It was so short-lived that we were all living in the same city. At dinner I ordered a pasta dish that kind of sucked a whole bunch. Which is actually a good thing as I only had a few bites, yay for not ingesting 1 million calories!

Also don’t forget to do Mondays Workout (seriously it takes like 15 minutes!) I had to move my workout to the Mornings this week as tomorrow I start my first night shift.  I did a 5k in 50 minutes, not great as I got super tired at the end. The first half though I actually was able to run 2 blocks walk 1 block, instead of my usual 1 to 1 ratio. I can feel myself getting better! I’m hoping by July that I can run a whole mile without stopping, we will see.


Forrest, Me, Mom and Taylor

Mr. Gaunt turns 30!

Mr. Gaunt turned


November 28th! Yay! Although I will say the 16 year old in me is SHOCKED Im dating a 30 year old…lol!

We had a nice dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with some close friends and family last Saturday.

Self Portrait by Liam Heckmaster

This boy needs a camera!

He made the entire table play "pound the table"

He might be 30, but this what what he really wanted

Thanksgiving 2010


A haircut for Mr. Gaunt

Maybe a bit short?

Dressed up and ready to eat!

Pies I made. Apple and Pumpkin

Goat Cheese with Cranberries. So good with smoked oysters!



Its a beaut.

Celebrating our 3rd Thanksgiving together.

Kale Heaven



Sweet Potatoes to go with the Kale

Home Made Fried Onions.

A million Mushrooms

Ms. G and me.



Mashing after Ricing. My guns were tired.



NO Canned Green Bean Casserole here!

Michael carving the turkey

Getting good at making Gravy

Ms. G's Table

My plate.

Gluttony at its best.

After dinner nap

Mr. Gaunt and his mom

Opening Presents (his Birthday is in 3 days)

Blowing out his 30 candles


Mexican Train

After dinner game



25 things I learned before turning 25

On September 12th I turned 25! Yippee! 25 to me feels like a nice grown up age, and I am happy to be here. And so in my old older age I would like to share 25 things I learned before turning 25:

1. Drama, as much fun as it seems at the time will never make you happy.

2. Relationships are a roller-coaster of hard work and smooth sailing.

3. You can always change your habits, it just takes desire.

4. Take care of the ones you love, and they will stay with you no matter how far away you are.

5. Forgiveness is for yourself, and no one else.

6. Treating your body good will reflect in all aspects of your life.

7. Men can change on their own, you just cant force them to do it.

8. Money will come and go, the stress it puts on you will stay much longer.

9. Behind every happy couple is an understanding of partnership. One that can not be broken.

10. Finding a happy medium between enjoying solitude and enjoying company is very difficult.

11. Nothing is a pressing as the one who’s pressing would like you to believe.

12. Family is a constant work in acceptance.

13. Opening up and sharing your insecurities makes others like you more, not less.

14. Everything in moderation.

15. Enjoy the seasons, they are one of the few constants in our lives and can always bring back memories we had forgotten.

16. You can say “I’ll never” as much as you want, it doesn’t mean its true.

17. It’s a comforting feeling to look back and realize your were a dumbass.

18. Prioritize happiness. Always.

19. If you can’t go to school, then you must let the world around you teach. Open your heart and mind to life’s lessons.

20. Reading lets your inner dialogue run wild. It’s good for the soul.

21. Find the little things to enjoy in the present. Waiting for the future is exhausting.

22. Find a partner who loves and respects you more every single day. It will bring such happiness.

23. Be the change you want to see in the world. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t help fix it.

24. Crying almost always makes me feel better.

25. Trust in yourself, trust in your friends, trust in your family.

I leave you with pictures from my birthday. Mr. Gaunt and I celebrate “Birthday week” the whole week before your birthday! It was the week before we got paid so we were a little broke.  Mr. Gaunt still wanted to do something sweet every day so he staked out areas around town that had little public gardens and he cut me fresh flowers every day!

It was the Broncos first game of the season on my birthday so I put on some Broncos apparel and pretended to root for them…lol! I have decided (since I really don’t care) to be a Broncos Fan for Mr. Gaunt. We will also be raising our children as Broncos fans, despite the fact that we will be in Washington. Its something that makes him happy, so I am happy to do it.

For dinner we dressed up and went to Sushi Den with Jenny and Justin. So yummy! I even got my favorite Green Tea Ice Cream to blow out my candle!

New Goals, Old Goals, Failed Goals.

Well In 9 1/2 hours I will have officially failed my first goal. I wanted to have lost 75 pounds by January 1st, we have failed. January 4th will put me at 8 months since I started this weight loss journey, 65lbs in 8 months. It should be more. I wish it was 80 lbs in 8 months, even 75 sounded superb. 65…meh…not what I would have liked.

The last two weeks were a struggle obviously with Christmas and what not. I did my absolute best to maintain (and I did) but losing was another story. When I made my 75lb goal I had three months to lose 25lbs, I lost about 20 of that. Thats not too bad, and congrats to me for losing twenty pounds over the Holidays! I’m just a little bummed that I’m not starting the new year where I wanted to. Not that this New Years isnt a million times better than last year, just not perfect.

Last year I was at least 65lbs heavier, and a hell of a lot unhappier. Last year I thought about making a weight loss resolution, but figured it was too silly and too much to take on. I figured it would be easier to just cut one unhealthy thing out of my life, and then maybe that would help me do more. Last years New Years Resolution was: To give up Pop/Soda. I succeeded! In the last year I bet I have had less than one cups worth of pop (I have probably had a sip or a splash in a cocktail). That is awesome because Pop is a totally WORTHLESS product and NO ONE should consume it! Drink water people! So its awesome that I made a plan and stuck to it! This years resolution is a little more complex. I have many goals and plans for the coming year that I decided to make a list.

GOALS and PLANS for 2010!

1. Hit 75lbs loss by January 16th (Im giving myself an additional 2 weeks to make this happen!)

2. Reveal my weight, measurements, size, etc once I hit 75lbs lost (this is scary stuff people)

3. Hit 80lbs lost by Valentines day! (For the Love of Skinny)

4. Hit 100lbs Lost by May 4th (my one year mark)

5. Cut and Dye my hair once I lose 100lbs! (It hasnt been cut since Fall of 2008)

6. Wear a size 9/10 (anytime this year is fine with me!)

7. Have a BMI of 24.9 or under! (I will have to weigh 160 or lower) some time this year.

8. Work out at least two days a week regularly.

Ok so thats about it for my BIG goals for 2010, Im sure Ill have smaller ones along the way. I also wanted to share Mr. Gaunt’s goals for 2010:

1. Be 245lbs (he is currently 252, thats 67lbs lost) by January 21st (three weeks)

2. Not eat at any fast food restaurant that serves Hamburgers (this leaves Subway, Chick-fil-a, Taco Bell, etc)

3. Be at 235 by May 4th.

4. Lose 100lbs by July 3rd (when we go to Washington on vacation)

Tonight we are going to our friends Jenny and Justin’s house to ring in the new year! Im going to wear a fun party dress, even though no one else will, because New Years is a time to celebrate! This is also the FOURTH New Years that I get to kiss Mr. Gaunt at midnight…sigh…I heart him.

Please share your New Years goals in the comments!