Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself.

-Make six awesome (and non traditional) Boutonnieres.    CHECK!

-Make 80 (equally awesome and non traditional) wedding invitations.    CHECK!

-Place said invitations in stamped envelopes.    CHECK!

-Order 200 clear Address Labels.      CHECK!

-Order 80 Cat stickers (you heard me right).      CHECK!

-Score a sweet deal on Grey M&Ms and Yellow Chocolate Covered Sunflowers Seeds on clearance at Michaels.      CHECK!

-Order Straws, fans, cupcake wrappers all in corresponding Grey and yellow.     CHECK!

-Create “Day Of” Schedule with corresponding music for DJ.      CHECK!

-Get Saturday off from work so I can go Dress/Shoe shopping with my MOH on the 16th.      CHECK!

I attempted to make a short “TO DO STILL” list, but it quickly became a mile long. Lets stick to the positives for now. And by positives I mean that I ordered 80 stickers of my cat today…amazing, I know.

Might I have 3 jobs?

Tonight is my first night at my new job. I’m excited and nervous, and a little scared. Not really because of the job, more because I realized today that this is my 3rd job. I have my “real” full-time job that I go to Monday-Friday 6-2:30. And then I have my “please please please one day make enough to be my real job” job of doing custom paintings. This I work on 1-2 hours daily, but is not something I get paid hourly for, obviously. And now my new part-time seasonal job, that will be 12-16 hours a week through February. It’s a lot to wrap my head around, and I worry I may be pushing myself past my limit. However there are BIG goals in sight and I need to buckle down and make them happen!

Today was full of laundry and grocery shopping. I’m starting Weight Watchers again tomorrow night, which I am SOOO excited about (and will do a long post tomorrow after the meeting) and yesterday was a Octoberfest Beer Tasting at a friend’s house (Pumpkin Whoopie Pies were a huge hit, and I will post that later too).

I’m hoping all this work will only keep me busy enough not to let my mind get all crazy with anticipation of moving and wedding, but not keep me too busy so that I have no time to blog or love my man. Speaking of Mr. Gaunt, I will be leaning on him a lot to do the “house husband” duties, and I’m sure he will be amazingly supportive as always.

And so I leave you with some adorable pictures of Hula, because until we have kids she is my baby and I think she is just precious!

Hula where are all your toys?

Hula loses pretty much every toy she has ever received. I had no idea where they go. seriously she will have them for an hour and then they are gone. Today during my deep cleaning of the kitchen I found them.

hula 4

The scary view when you move your stove!

hula 3

Like 10 toys! And a million more dust bunnies!

hula 2

Some very dirty toys

hula 1

That is one very happy cat.