Bridesmaid Dresses (ungodly long post)

Originally I had wanted my bridesmaids to wear funky vintage dresses, but I realize that it’s really mean to make them all hunt for vintage dresses. My bridesmaids are all very different sizes, and I want them all to feel comfortable and beautiful in their dresses. I’m not very partial to traditional bridesmaids dresses. I HATE that shiny fabric…eww. I also hate the matchy matchy thing, and how structured and weird they look. So I have decided to let all of my girls pick out whatever kind of dress they want. With the following rules:

1. Knee Length or Tea Length

2. No shiny “bridal fabric” like THIS I’d prefer something more organic and less cheap and tacky looking.

3. Must be gray. Shades I like are THIS or THIS or THIS none of THIS though.

4. Prints, Lace, or any other detailing is GREAT! I love THIS or THIS or THIS. Be creative!

5. Please no linen (it wrinkles) nothing slutty or too short

6. Shoes should be Gray, Peach or Mustard! Heels, Flats, Sandals, Cowboy Boots (obviously don’t have to be in the color selection), are all OK! Sorry ladies, no tennis shoes or flip flops (unless VERY dressy)

And to help my bridesmaids out I have found a number of places online to purchase such dresses CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE WEBSITE!

J Crew makes adorable Dress (some starting at $49.00, but average $175-$250) Sizes go from 0-16. I am partial to this dress:

This dress from Hot Topic (i know) is only $32! And super soft and cute!

Lulu’ has tons of cute grey dresses almost all under $50! also has lots of cute dresses. There prices are good, but there sizes are a little limited.  I really like these:

They also have really cute shoes! makes lots of cute dresses in bigger sizes! My faves:

This ones only $20!

Nordstrom also has great regular grey and plus size dresses:

And last (yeah its almost over) I leave you with more shoes! Again click on the picture to go to the site:

Of course these are all just suggestions. We HIGHLY encourage our bridesmaids to shop used/consignment clothing stores, etsy, ebay, clearance racks, and anywhere that saves you money and keeps things green!

Mens Fashion, wedding and otherwise

Lets get one thing straight. I hate tuxedos. Gag. Now this is in no offense to the millions of women out there who love a tux and chose to use them in their weddings. Some weddings go perfectly with a tux, mine does not. And that’s simply my own personal style.

Moving on. As much as I have tried to encourage Mr. Gaunt to have an opinion on what he and his groomsmen will wear, he insists he really doesn’t care. Alright then, twist my arm, I’ll pick it all out!

So I’m going back and forth between either doing:

-Dark fitted denim jeans

-White or grey or off white button up shirts (sleeves rolled up

-Tweed or wool (or some other non-dressy material) vests

Or doing:

-Dark gray casual pants

-Sweater vests (or tweed vests)

-Pencil tie

-Button up shirts.

Either way I want them to look casual, woodsy, yet cozy and elegant in nice fabrics. Does that make sense? Ive collected a lot of images/inspiration for the look I’m going for. If anyone reads fashion magazines, I am in LOVE with mens fall fashions this year! It’s all about layering nice fabrics in neutral colors! Love it! So sexy!

Oh and my momma (love her so) put a deposit down on our venue today!!!!!! 09.24.11