If You Keep Going…

I walked down to Boulevard Park again today (about 4 miles) but instead of stopping at my mom’s and having her take me home, I just kept walking. By the time I got home two hours and 7.7 miles has passed. At a speed just shy of 4 MPH, I burned about 1,000 Calories! Can you believe that! Crazy! At the end I was pretty tired, and my back was hurting a little. Overall though I feel really good! I’m a little proud of myself, I will have a glass of wine to celebrate me being awesome.

Oh and prior to leaving I put my wedding dress on, you know, to inspire myself. I havent put it on in like 4 months, and I forgot how much I LOVE IT! I’m so excited, I feel really good. Damn those endorphins!

I should finish the bookcase project in the garage this evening, but I might just hang out and watch Grey’s Anatomy and make pom poms. We’ll see.

Walk It Out

Mr. Gaunt and I have decided to take up walking! I know, not that thrilling but I gotta do something to lose 20 lbs by July! Plus lately I’ve been feeling kind..err…Fat. I havent gained wait, been the same for a while, but I’m sick of the size I am. Time to go down a bit. So because we live right next to the Highline Canal Trail there’s really no reason for us to not walk regularly. The weather is also a lot nicer and it stays light out later. Mr. Gaunt wants me to buy a bike so we can ride together, but I’m worried we wont actually do it. If we can walk at least 4 nights a week for the entire month of May, then I will consider buying a bike. I need to know we can stick to something.

So tonight was sort of a trial to see what route we wanted to take. Turned out we walked just over 3 miles, in just under an hour. I don’t have a pedometer to track my length, but I found this great website called Gmaps Pedometer. GMP lets you trace your route on Google Maps and tells you your exact distance. Here is our route (yes at one point we tried to take a shortcut and ended up just making a loop)

Then I wanted to see how many Calories I burned. Thanks to GMP I knew we had done 3 miles in 1 hour, so I used Health Status’Activity Calorie Calculator to determine I burned almost 400 calories! Not too bad.

Highline Canal Trail

Things Are Blooming!

Our Back Yard