The Perfect Sunday Man

For anyone who has lived closely with me(Mr. Gaunt)knows that Sundays are the bane of my existence. The love hate relationship I have with them, often turns me into a bitchy crying unproductive bump on a log.

Sundays for me are usually:

– Wanting/needing to go grocery shopping, but being too poor.

-Having a mountain of laundry to do, with no quarters, or no time to do it.

-A messy disgusting house that usually puts me in such a funk that I can’t even manage to clean it.

-So much stress that the weekend is almost over and I will have to return to work, that I can’t accomplish anything.

It’s all very pathetic and like I said, unproductive. Sundays are often the day when I let the little things get to me and the world comes tumbling down. The weather pisses me off, money stresses me out, I cry over my lack of house wife skills, and of course any and all feelings of weight/body image comes up. Lets just say Sundays and I are not friends.

At our company picnic on Friday. Drinking Sangria and 11am

Today however was the PERFECT Sunday, in fact, it was the best day of the week! And as cheesy and mushy it is to say, it was all because of my Perfect Sunday Man.

Mr. Gaunt and I have been going through a lot this last week, money, insecurities, family issues, but somehow our communication and ability to understand each other is stronger than ever. He’s been talking to me about his feelings like he never has before. I am so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful partner. I know that women say “You can’t change a man” but sometimes they just offer up change all on their own. And if your lucky they thank you for inspiring them to do so.

I came home late last night after hanging out with friends to find my ENTIRE house cleaned and all of the laundry sorted! Holy Shit! He even organized my closet and cleaned up my makeup area!  He was in bed all snoring, so I woke him up and kissed him bunches and we laid together and talked to each other for almost and hour. I slept very well. Today he let me sleep in (which is something I NEVER do) until almost ELEVEN! Then he went to the grocery store and bought Whole Wheat Pancake mix, cantaloupe, and stuff to make Mimosas! He made a very yummy breakfast and we ate and listened to Iron and Wine Pandora. We are on the hunt to find the perfect Indie Love song for our first dance at the Wedding.

After Breakfast I laid on the couch and read the two magazines that I have been ignoring for the last week. REAL SIMPLE and Whole Living (previously Body+Soul). My interest in cooking has been at an all time low this summer, as well as blogging, Foodgawker, and all food/health magazines. I’m not sure why I’ve lost interest, but its made me sad. Today though I sat back, relaxed and let myself fall back into the world of amazing food, cooking for my family, and living healthy. It felt so nice, like the old me. I even found a new food blog to crush on Dinner A Love Story. Check it out.

While I read Mr. Gaunt gave me a foot and calf masage…drool…unitl I fell asleep. And so we napped on the couch, for four hours…lol! It was so amazing. One of those naps that you have no regret during and no neck kinks afterward. It’s now 4pm so Mr. Gaunt and I do laundry, that was already nicely sorted and waiting in laundry baskets, quarters on hand.

Then we spent some time searching the web for a recipe to use some ground Turkey and Yellow squash we had. I found this recipe that SHOCKINGLY we had every ingredient on hand…yipee! So we made it, and it was amazing, and a blog post will be up tomorrow on it.

At our favorite restaurant Merles in Littleton on our 1 month of being engaged anniversary.

Part of the reason for our lazy sunday was that it was a SCORCHER out today, and Mr. Gaunt made it clear that I was not to step outside. Heat makes me super bitch, seriously. After dinner when it had cooled down to high 70s…lol…we finished some laundry and went swimming in our pool. While swimming we talked about our plan to start running. Yup, we have made a plan! We are gonna try the “run 1 minute, walk 3 minutes” until we can work up to longer sprints. Neither of us are runners, but we want to start, and we don’t have the money to pay for gym memberships. So we are gonna start Monday. I’m really hoping to get new shoes for my birthday, I’m pretty sure I want the Reebok Easy Tone They’re kinda like the Sketchers Step-ups only not super ugly.

After swimming we went up to Whole Foods and got Green Tea Ice cream and stuff for smoothies. I also decided to switch up our regular Cliff Bars and try the Odwalla Bars They are lower in fat (2g vs 6g) and were on sale, plus they have a Mocha flavor that I really wanted to try. I’ll give you a review next week after I’ve had a few flavors.

So now we are just sitting on the couch winding down. Next week I’m gonna talk to my boss AGAIN about transferring to Mr. Gaunt’s team, it’s all taking forever. I also think I might try to get a part-time seasonal job this winter. We finally sat down and budgeted the wedding, and if we are going to be able to pay for everything without getting into debt we need to make some extra money. Yes it will suck to work so much, but it will be worth it to be less stressed when we move and get married.  So I’ll be looking into this in the coming months. We are also in the beginning stages of building our credit, and deciding whether to keep my car or not. Until then my focus is and will continue to be the happiness and success of my family. And Thank you Mr. Gaunt for turning a usually crappy Sunday into a Perfect Sunday. Love.

Summer Slim Down

So Mr. Gaunt and I will be going to Washington July 2nd -11th to spend some quality time in the great Pacific Northwest! It’s actually going to be a very exciting time because we will be spending the 4th weekend on Harstine Island! Growing up my family (grandparents) owned a cabin on a small private island Point. We would go every summer for at least a week to the cabin and do all the fun beach-y things: Dig Clams, Chase Geo “Gooey” Ducks, Swim in the ocean, Ride the ferry, Feed Deer. Well they sold their cabin in 2004 (sad day) and I havent been back since spring break of my senior year in High School (2003)! So my mom is gonna rent a different cabin and Mr. Gaunt and I will be joining my mom and siblings to spend the weekend at Harstine! I have so many good memories there, and I can’t wait for Mr. Gaunt to share in some of these!

Harstine Island Beach

Harstine Island Point

So because it will be July, at the beach, I have really decided to shed another 15-20 pounds before I go. I would love to rock some shorts and a swimsuit and not feel like a beached whale. I haven’t lost any weight in a few months, once I hit my 75lbs lost mark. I am happy to say I have maintained the loss (within 5lbs) for a good while now. I just really want to go down one more size.

So I have to make a game plan for working out and lowering the calorie intake a bit. It’s harder now because I am so passionate about eating regular whole healthy meals, that I hate to really “diet” but if I want to shed those pounds I think I have to. As for working out, I cancelled my gym membership last month (because I never go!) so I will need to either take a class at the Rec center, or workout outside. The pool opens memorial day weekend, but that’s still a month off. Until then Mr. Gaunt and I are gonna come up with a workout routine we can do together. For the food I think I’m going to reduce my carbs and dairy a bit. Go hard on veggies and fruit.  I also need to cut out any garbage snacking (Starbucks muffin anyone?) at least until July. So I have about 2 months to do this so I really need to stay motivated. Any encouraging words would help! Oh and I will start up a weekly weigh in again too. I think Friday (a week from tomorrow) will be my first check in date!

Today in the mail I got a book I ordered entitled Putting Food By, on Canning, Freezing, Dehydrating food! I’m very excited to read this and learn a bit about food preserving, especially to prepare for next winter! Oh and I got a new issue off Body and Soul Magazine that has a “Healthy Weight Loss” Guide in it. Maybe it will inspire me!


I wasted 23 years not caring about my STOMACH. I’m wrapping my whole body in this term: STOMACH.

I ate to taste artificial.

I ate to be full.

In my 24th year I finally let the knowledge sink in and feed me.

I eat for purity.

I eat to be strong.

I never thought I was uneducated about food, I really didn’t. I thought Low Fat foods were better for me. I thought Carbs were bad. I thought eating meat was the natural way of life. I thought a grocery store was a grocery store, was a grocery store.

I had friends who were vegetarians (love them all dearly) but the guilt they often laid on me only made me rebel against them. Organic was expensive, recycling was annoying, meat was tasty. I felt anger towards anyone who wanted to tell me what I should or shouldn’t put in my body. And I had every right to be. My body My Choice. I feel pretty strongly that when it comes to someone’s health, only give advice when asked. Especially when it is weight related. Giving someone the “eew thats gross” face will NOT change the way they eat. It will only make them think you’re an uppity ass.

I think healthy eating is a lifelong path. Not only because we as a species are continuously learning what’s good and bad for us (it wasnt until 1981 that they put a warning to pregnant women on alcohol bottles!) but because I believe weaning yourself from bad habits is a slow process.

Lately I’ve been having overwhelming self-improvement feelings. While reading Body + Soul Magazine tonight it was all I could do not to run to whole foods to buy some organic foundation. I have now lost about 75 pounds, which is a lot, but I still need to lose another 45 pounds. Im no longer looking to drop major pounds fast though. I want to spend the next 45 pounds really focusing on what is good for my body. On developing a food regiment that is pure and whole and brings my body gently down to a healthy weight. If I eat as healthy as possible and my body still wont lower in weight, then maybe this is where my body wants to be. I will no longer obsess over dropping 2 pounds a week every week. Im going to let this happen in its own time.

So I have some new goals that I would like to achieve in the next six months that are as followed:

-Use our Re-Usable grocery bags EVERY time we shop (even at Target)

-Spend less than $67 a week on food

-Have 1/2 of our food budget go to fruits and vegetables

-Shop the farmers market when they open.

-Spend less than $10 a week on food with artificial ingredients

-Make my own instant Oatmeal Packets

-Try buying bulk beans and cooking them instead of canned

-make my own dried fruit with a food dehydrator

-Learn to can this summer

-Take up regular swimming when the pool opens

-Practice softball once a week along with our weekly games

-Treat my skin kindly with organic soaps, sunscreen (not organic) and salves.

-Learn to make my own skin products (I have an awesome book)

-Slowly eat or throw away all of our artificial foods (and not buy more)

-Shop more used stores.

-purge unwanted art supplies (its ok to let go)

-Find a creative outlet that makes me happy

– Drink more tea, less coffee

-Look more into the Mediterranean Diet

-Read all the books I have on clean eating

-Read more in general

-Continue to try to convince Mr. Gaunt to cancel our cable at least for the summer

-Throw away clothes that dont fit and I dont want tailored.

-Take a photography class, and continue to perfect my skills.

BODY+SOUL (natural beauty products)

Is my new favorite magazine (next to Weight Watchers and Marie Claire) which I started reading a couple months ago. Its a Martha Stewart publication and its full of organic natural tips for your every day life…er…kind of.


See in my secret fantasies I hope to one day be wealthy enough to actually go all organic/green/natural, to sew my children’s clothing (speaking of check out this blog) make my own bread, grow my own vegetables. Today however I live in an apartment with no garden, and my budget is NOT Whole Foods Friendly (even if I do allow myself $30 a month to spend there). I also love the idea of home made and organic cleaning supplies and medicines, as well as a diet full of organic fruits and veggies!


Reading this months Body+Soul I found a few beauty products that really struck my fancy.

1. Natural Mascara – I LOVE the idea of this! Mascara often irritates my eyes, as well as having an almost paint like smell. I would even be willing to take a slightly less effective mascara if it was natural, I mean come on who wants to be putting toxins on their EYES?! Anyways here’s the problem: the magazine reviewed 4 different brands all ranging in price from $22-$30! Really? $30 for mascara? Im a $10 mascara kind of gal…even when I’m splurging its for the $20 tube of Clinique. I did a bit of research online and found these:

Honeybee Garden’s Makes a $10 tube

Physicians Formula Makes a $9.95 tube

SunCoat – Makes a $14.99 tube (vegan made from sugar)

Cosmetic Kitchen – Makes a $16.70 tube (Sensitive eye vegan formula)

So there ARE options out there. I really think Im gonna try the physicians formula (mostly because I can buy it in stores and not order it). In fact the entire idea of natural cosmetics is appealing. Ill let you know what I get and what I like. Any recommendations would be great too.

2. Organic Nail Polish Remover: They listed one for $22! Seeing as my bottle cost about ONE dollar, thats about $21 more than I have ever spent on a nail polish remover. So again me and google got together and here’s what we found (not cheap, but better):

SunCoat – Natural nail polish remover $6-$10

Sante’s Cosmetics – Natural Nail Polish Remover -$9.00

Also did you know Sephora has a whole section for natural cosmetics? Pretty sweet! Im excited to try some of this!