Eating In. Eating Out.

Well tonight we are eating WAY later than my 6pm rule, but it was pretty much un avoidable. We had couples counseling at 5pm that ran a little late (till 5:30) so we were either eating dinner at 4:00 or now. I chose now. It’s also ok because I wont be going to bed so early tonight because I get a THREE DAY WEEKEND! So I’m ok with pushing things back an hour. I will have to think about counseling for next week and how to fit dinner around it, we will see.

Well tonight we are having a great (AND VEGAN!) dinner!  I am making Skinny Chili Seasoned fries (with my amazing Mandolin I got for Christmas!), the recipe is a video from The WW Chick that you can watch here. They are super easy and pretty much amazing! They also arent fried! Hallelujah! With this we are having Vegan Sloppy Joes (which my BFF Mallory told my are called Sloppy Janes) that we buy in a box from Whole Foods. They are really yummy, even Mr. Gaunt likes them. We have them on Sara Lee 80 Calorie Wheat Buns.

In other news I skipped weigh in this week. I have maintained well and am still sitting 1.5lbs away from my big goal of 75lbs lost. I’m ok with this, I will not dwell. So I missed the meeting, but I do know this weeks topic was on Eating Out. Anyone who has ever attempted to lose weight KNOWS eating out is freaking hard! It just sucks! Mr. Gaunt and I have a few places we feel comfortable eating at (Chilis has a light menu, Water Course has amazing Vegan and vegetarian food, Subway and Chipotle can be safe) (Oh and Eat This, Not That has a website now where you can get all kinds of great restaurant tips!) but it’s still hard. Bitch Cakes, an amazing WW member/blogger who I have raved about before did a great post on her own personal feeling on eating out. I just had to share HER list of reasons for why she doesn’t eat out:

  • I don’t trust the cleanliness of the food/kitchen/preparer(s).
  • I don’t want to be subjected to/distracted by/tempted by food.
  • I don’t like eating while talking (it takes the focus off the food – I feel like dining and socializing should be two separate things).
  • I don’t like having other people watch me eat.
  • I am vegan and health conscious and don’t believe there’s (for example) no oil or MSG, or I worry that they shared a utensil that touched meat or something else I don’t want to ingest.
  • I don’t like using silverware other people have used.
  • I don’t want to see/smell meat that other people are eating.
  • I know I can make a better, healthier, lower point version of whatever I am going to eat. So why stress myself out *and* pay money for a meal that’s not as enjoyable and also higher in calories, fat and points?

I think this is such a good list! Although I’m not a huge germ-a-phobe, I get what she is saying with cleanliness. She also posts about what she does with friends instead of eating out. Read her whole post HERE! I wish I could separate food with entertainment, it would make life easier.

So that’s about it, just something to think about. We had a really great therapy session tonight, brought up lots of old feelings and made me feel a lot better about things I would have called mistakes. I feel really good about this.

Is This Your Start?

Bitch Cakes AFTER

I know with the new year there is lots of chatter about losing weight, working out, and making a change. My gym is total proof that people are on a healthy kick and trying to shed some pounds. I myself feel like the new year is a great time to get back into working out (I went THREE times this week…Go me!) and am really putting forth the effort to shed these last 45lbs.

Weight loss is so personal, and so hard. Trust me. I feel incredibly lucky that for some reason when I walked into a Weight Watchers on May 4th 2009 with plans to lose weight, it was the right time for me. The stars aligned and the motivation and strength in myself took over, and here I am 8 months later and almost 70lbs lighter! As much I wanted that to happen, I was never sure it would. Just like how I REALLY want to lose 100lbs by 5/4/10 its hard to believe that could happen to me. Why me? Why are there so many people out there struggling to lose weight, and I am making it happen? Theres nothing special about me, I havent become a gym freak, I don’t have a ton of money to hire a personal trainer and nutritionist. I’m just a regular person who has put in 30% (yeah I just made that up) more effort and stuck with it.

The reason I’m talking about this is because I read a really great blog post tonight over on Bitch Cakes Blog. If you havent seen her blog, she is great! Tons of great information on weight loss, vegan eating, weight watchers, and working out. I love her! Anyways I really feel like anyone who is struggling with starting a weight loss regime or is scared or struggling to keep it up should read THIS POST. It said so many things I want to say to people but couldn’t come up with the words. And read her back posts too because theres lots of good information.

Tomorrow I have weigh in, and I really am going! Even if I’ve only lost .5lbs I’m going to be happy with it. I’m also going to keep working out this week to see if I can get to 70lbs lost by a week from tomorrow. Good Luck!

Bitch Cakes BEFORE