Ditch that Plastic Bag!

Mr. Gaunt takes his lunch every day to work now to prevent disasters (such as: Mcd’s, Arbys, Bk Lounge) usually consisting of leftovers a salad a side and a desert. Hes a big guy and he has 44 points he needs to eat, plus his job is pretty labor intensive so its important that he eats a good size lunch. Portion control is a big thing in WW and they have funny little rules to help you do this (Dont let anything on your plate touch!) so when you have giant tupperware containers its easy to just fill em up and say ‘thats a serving!’ But some of these new Bento Box type lunch boxes can really help control any over eating. Usually Mr. Gaunt just throws everything into a grocery bag, unless he actually remembered to bring in his lunch box. Anyways Ive been seeing these around the web lately and I REALLY want to get some for lunches, picnics, camping, day trips etc. Here are a few neat ones I found (even cute kid frinedly frogs!):


The Vivo Square Bento Box $32.99

Picture 1Picture 2Kotobuki Frog Two-Tier Bento Lunch Box $21.99



Bento Lunch Box with Bag – $16.95