Baby Got Back.

Who in the world doesn’t DREAD having a backside photo taken of themselves? Anyone? Yeah didn’t think so. I would rather chew off my hand then have a picture of my ass taken. Seriously, this is NOT cute:

August 2009

But then something crazy happened, and this photo was taken of me and Kelli walking down town Bellingham. I’m not appalled, not at all. Hmm…is it possible that my back side is no longer revolting? I’m sure another 25 pounds taken off those thighs wouldn’t hurt, but things aren’t looking too shabby.

Me and Kelli March 2010

In other non ass related news, I took a 15 hour sleep last night and lost 4 pounds. This pretty much takes care of any weight I had gained over the lat week or two. I’m please. Oh and in exciting news, a Mr. Gaunt post will be coming soon! Pictures and a Q&A!