Day One in Pictures!

I wanted to share how my first day of Eating Like a Baby went! Just so you can see what exactly I will be eating, and also to give you a bit more information on my techniques.

First off I had someone ask me what the importance of cutting food up is. To help explain this I’m pulling a paragraph from this article:

Cut your food up into bite sized pieces. Cutting your food up into smaller bite sized pieces will ultimately make you ‘think’ you have more food.

You can ‘see’ it.

This optical perception is transmitted to your brain. If you see more food on your plate, your brain will acknowledge that and you’ll trick yourself into believing you’ve actually got more food on your plate. Your stomach will feel fuller from eating such a ‘large’ meal, when all you really did was cut your food up into smaller bite sized pieces.

You can lose weight, just by utilizing the perception that you have eaten more!

This is a ‘brain trick’ you can use often. Cut your food up into smaller pieces and you will ‘see’ why its one of the most terrific ways to lose weight that I know!

See totally worth it! i even cut my pizza up into small pieces tonight! Ok onto the meals (please note this is what pictures look like when taken in poor lighting with zero staging…lol!):

BREAKFAST (4:45 am):

1 Whole Wheat Low Fat Eggo Waffle (70 calories)

1/2 Cup Organic Unsweetened Applesauce (50 calories)

1/2 Pink Lady Apple Diced (40 calories)

1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon

I mixed the apples in with the apple sauce and cinnamon over night. No Butter, No Syrup.


1/2 Cup Honey Nut Cheerios (100 calories)

1 Cliff Bar (250 calories)

6 Raw Almonds (20 calories)

LUNCH (10:00 am)

1/2 Cup Pasta (110 calories)

1/2 cup Grilled Veggies (20 calories)

3 mozzarella Balls (10 calories)

1/2 mango Sausage (80)

1/4 Avocado (50)

1/2 cup watermelon(20 calories)

1/2 cup cantaloupe (30 calories)


1 Slice Ezekiel Bread (80)

1 Slice Light Swiss Cheese (60)

1/4 Avocado (50)

DINNER (6:30 pm)

1/4 cup Pasta (50 calories)

1/4 cup Grilled Veggies (10 calories)

1/2 cup watermelon(20 calories)

1/2 cup cantaloupe (30 calories)

2 slices Caprese Pizza (recipe to come) (300 calories)


In total I ate just under 1500 calories. Im not really concerned about calories, but every now and then I like to see where Im hitting in a day. 1500 is good for weight loss. I also did about 45 minutes of aquatic work out. 20 laps + aerobics. I feel really great about how the day went! Even now at 9:15 I could totally do a snack, but instead I brushed my teeth and put on my crest white strips…cant eat now! ha!

Eating like a baby!

****First let me note that this has NOTHING to do with the supposed “baby food diet” that Jennifer Aniston was on.****

This weekend I spent a lot of time with Jenny and Liam, and there was lots of food involved. Jenny feeds Liam super healthy, and he is at that age where he eats real food, not baby foods. We joked how we should eat more like him, then I realized, it’s not such a joke! You don’t give your baby garbage food because its bad for them, why do you give it to yourself?

Happy AND Healthy!

So I have decided to do One Month of EATING LIKE A BABY! What does this mean exactly? Well its a little blurry on the exact rules, because I’m kind of making them up…lol. Basically its the following:

1. SMALL PORTION  (ideally even cut up into small bite size pieces, even a sandwich)

2. LOTS OF FOODS IN ONE MEAL (have a little fruit, a little cheese, a little carb, a little veggies)

3. NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS (Real fruit, Unsweetened applesauce, plain yogurt, water)


5. LOTS OF VEGGIES (cooked or raw)

6. NO EXTRA FLAVOR (no butter, no oil, no sauces. Use fruit to add flavor to yogurt etc)

7. DRINK ONLY WATER (have less than 12 oz of milk a day)

8. PRE MAKE FOOD (always have cooked noodles, cooked veggies, cut up fruit on hand)

9. BRING SNACKS EVERYWHERE (mini muffins, dried fruit, wheat crackers)

10. EAT FOUR SMALL MEALS A DAY (eat all day long actually as long as it small amounts)


12. STOP WHEN YOUR FULL (baby’s know this, so should we)

13. EAT WHEN YOUR HUNGRY (you will never find a baby starving itself, or skipping meals)

So that’s the basic jist of it. Pretty simple right? This will however mean not a lot of major meal cooking, but I do plan on posting all my food prep for yah! June 1st is the official start, but today I made this in preparation:

Watermelon and Cantaloup

Mini Vegan Banana Apple Muffins- Recipe to come!

Wheat, Spinach, and Sundried Tomato Pasta

Veggies grilled on my cook-top Grill