Listening to Books On CD

I work in an office 40 hours a week. I sit at a desk in front of a computer (mac in case you were wondering) and I work in Photoshop and Word and Indesign, doing some pretty redundant tasks. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job, but it is in fact pretty boring. However that boredom allows me to listen to anything I like while working.

Often times I get to work and I listen to NPRs Morning Edition. It’s a radio news program that fills me in on random bits of global news in a fast passed entertaining manner. I feel like it gets my brain juices flowing, and makes feel slightly more informed about whats going on in the world. After that I spend the rest of the day either listening to:

NPR’s This American Life which are hour-long radio programs with a different theme each week. They share stories and interviews, its kind of amazing. My BFF Mallory introduced me to them and I’ve already listened back to 1999! Also I’m in L-O-V-E with Ira Glass….swooon…

See! Now you are in love too. Let’s just say I’m adding him to my “LIST”

The 2nd thing I listen to is Books on Tape CD. Mr. Gaunt is a CRAZY LIBRARY man. He has an account and he goes online and reserves all kinds of BOC (books on CD) then picks them up, brings them to me, and returns them when I’m done. Its awesome. He even goes online to find out what the current best sellers are and reserves those for me too!

An interesting fact is that a Best Seller BOC is not always the same as a Best Seller Book. Often times based on the people narrating the BOC and if there are multiple characters or sound effects a BOC can be really good, or not so good. Mr. Gaunt checked me out a few Nicholas Sparks BOC and I HATED them. Mostly because they were all read by men, who were then doing the voices of Southern Girls…AWFUL! It was a combo of the accent and cheesy girly voice that made them so silly to listen to that I just couldn’t. So I veto all Nicholas Sparks BOC. Sometimes BOC are read by multiple voices (even celebrities!) and they are the best ones to listen to. The Help was done by like 5 different voices and it was AMAZING! Sometimes BOC are read by the Author, especially if it’s a Biography, these are nice too.

So without Further Ado these are my reviews so far:

1. BOSSYPANTS by Tina Fey (read by Tina Fey)

This book was adorable, smart, funny and inspiring! I loved the whole thing, and love hearing it in Tina’s voice. I had heard some debates about some of her motherhood talk (breastfeeding) getting some negative feedback, and I was waiting for it, but in the end it was just so honest and awesome, I couldn’t complain. This would make a really great gift for pretty much any woman I know.

2. THE HELP. By Kathryn Stockett (Read by Jenna Lamia, Bahni Turpin, Octavia Spencer, Cassandra Campbell)

I sat at work and cried listening to this book. Absolutely heart breakingly wonderful. I have put off reviewing this book for a while because I just couldn’t find the words to describe how much I loved it. It is perfection. I would like to note though, that I never could have heard those accents as beautifully in my own head and I am thankful that I got to listen to them out loud. I had also heard some mixed reviews from people saying things like “I’m not reading a book about black women written by a white women” and to them I say YOUR LOSS! If they knew anything about this book they would not feel that way, they would feel like jerks for even thinking that. Even now when I see the quote “You is Kind, You is smart, You is important” it makes me want to burst into tears and love on every baby whose mother didn’t support them enough…GAH! Amazing! Another perfect read for EVERY woman I know.

3. THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY by Suzanne Collins (read by Carolyn McCormick)

Mr. Gaunt actually read all three of these books before recommending them to me. He was nervous that I wouldn’t like them as I am not a huge sci-fi fan, and these are a bit futuristic.  In the end though I loved them! They made me want to go out and learn some survival skills! The reader had a great voice and there was fun sound bites included. After I listened to them I told my brother to read them, and he loved them too. I think these would be good for almost anyone over the age of 12 who likes a bit of adventure and heroism.

4. ONE DAY by David Nicholls

Mr. Gaunt got this for me because it’s a bestseller being made into a movie. I actually just finished it yesterday, and it was…ok. Funny thing is I have a hard time reading british “chick-lit” and that part didn’t bother me as much as the plot. In general the book was slow-moving, VERY long (spans 20 years) and had in my opinion a very stereotypical ending that did nothing for me. I just couldn’t get into it, but it wasnt bad, some people might really like it. People LOVED the Friday Night Knitting Club books and I HATED them, so what do I know.

I have listened to probably 10 other books, many that were so boring I can’t even remember them. These are the ones that stood out the most for me. I also wanted to note that all but “Bossypants” are being made into movies right now. I plan on seeing The Help this weekend, although I have heard they made it into a light-hearted comedy, and I wouldn’t say the book was funny at all. So that’s weird. One Day I also might see (not in theaters) because I do like Anne Hatheway, and it’s probably very pretty. And of course I will see all of The Hunger Games movies. I hope they are better than the Twilight movies, closer to HP standards.


My friend Hilary reminded of another book I LOVED! I can’t believe I spaced this one:

ROOM by Emma Donoghue (read by Michal Friedman, Ellen Archer, Robert Petkoff, Suzanne Toren )

This is an amazing story, and so uniquely written. I also suggest listening to this book as the child’s voice comes through by the reader (who I assume is a child). Definitely HIGHLY recommend, and although it’s a very sad and awful subject, its done without the vulgarness that is sometimes used to make these stories seem more interesting. This one takes human language to a whole new level, it’s very good.


-The Short Life of Bre Tanner

-The Pilots Wife

-Fly Away Home

-The Senators Wife


-Size 12 is Not Fat

Would anyone else suggest any books they have read recently?