Running Update: it still sucks

Oh yes it does.

Technically we have done 10 runs, and one would think that by 10 runs it would be getting slightly easier, but it’s not. In fact it might be getting harder.

I suppose some parts are getting easier. I don’t get sore anymore. My legs may get slightly tired, but the next day my muscles and back don’t ache like the first 3 runs. I’m also getting better at finding the “zone” you know, the “running zone” where you focus on just moving and breathing. Id say this is the hardest part of running, finding a comfortable “zone”

Breathing is where I really struggle. physically I could probably run for a while, but my lunges will be screaming and I will pass out. Last week on a particularly hard day I let my mind wander from the “zone” and started to worry about my breathing. The more I worried the tighter and smaller my throat got. I stopped running and started crying. Crying only makes it worse by the way. I eventually had to find a new “zone” one that stopped the crying and opened my throat up. It’s a scary thing not being able to breathe.

Mr. Gaunt has good days and bad days too. he has mild excercise induced Asthma and one day he forgot his inhaler. Half way through the run he had to stop and throw up in the bushes to get his breath back.

Running: Not a pretty thing.

This week we have started bringing our iPods. Mr. Gaunt bought one of those arm band things, and hates it. To get it to stay up it has to be pretty tight, which hurts his arm. It will be going back to the Apple Store tomorrow. I just stick my little Nano in my bra. I put my 1000 most played songs on my iPod and put it on shuffle. Katy Perry seems to keep me moving quite well.

And so we carry on. Tomorrow is day 4 which is a “day off” so we wont be running. Next week things get harder. Ugg.