Asparagus Prosciutto Pizza

I’m on day 3 of a pretty raging headache. It last all day, and I assume all night, as it is still there when I wake up. I’m thinking its allergy related, although I don’t really feel any other allergy signs. I started taking my allergy medicine again just in case. I’m a naturally headachey person, but 3 days non stop is just too much, it makes me bitchy.

I’m shocked it’s only Tuesday, the week already feels exhausting. I’m hoping yoga tonight will help me de-stress and chill out a little bit, because I’m feeling very annoyed. Yesterday we walked a 5k in the sun after work, which was so very nice. It’s suppose to be nice all week, which makes me NOT want to workout inside. I’m actually looking into the option of putting our (already paid for) gym membership on hold until the fall. I love to walk outside when the weather is warm, the gym just feels too cooped up.

Tonight for dinner I made Asparagus Prosciutto Pizza on Trader Joe’s Herb Pizza Dough. I sauteed mushrooms and garlic and olive oil with the Asparagus before cooking it. It was yummy, and 2 slices made me just full enough, but not too full to go to yoga tonight.