Making Fall Wreaths

I didnt actually take pictures of our Wreath Making Process, but today my good friend Manda and I watched Step Mom (BEST fall movie EVER) and made awesome Fall Yarn Wreaths!

We got everything at Joann’s this afternoon, and whipped these bad boys out in a about 3 hours. The wrapping of the yarn takes the longest. Here is a link of a good How To in case you want to see how its done. We didn’t do the traditional felt flowers, instead we bought little Fall Embellishments that we hot glued on, or stabbed into the foam. I added a few Pom Poms from my wedding too!

I think they are so cute! My front door looks adorable, until you look up and see the spider web Mr. Gaunt put up…(: He’s making tombstones for the yard today too! I love living in a house.