St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Mr. Gaunt, Dominique and I all went to the big St. Patty’s Day parade in Denver yesterday. The weather was freaking GORGEOUS, I was pretending it was summer. We had lots of fun drink (Bloody Marry’s, Irish Coffee, Screw Drivers, White Russian Slurpees) and I took pictures of all the cute dogs there….lol! In the end we decided that the SPD Parade should really not be a place for 1. Dogs 2.Babies/Strollers 3. Pregnant Women. It was crazy crowded, but overall a splendid time. Downtown Denver has a pretty sweet Bar Lineup so its fun to spend some time down there.

Green Eyeliner and Shamrocks were painted on in the car.

An Irish Pub

Dominique and I. First Cocktails before noon.

Cute Pups Galore!

Green Abe

Roof Top Bars are sweet

Roller Girls

Alcoholic Slurpees!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Summer Concert: Kings of Leon

Mr.Gaunt, Pro and I went to see Kings of Leon last night at Red Rocks. Im not a huge concert lover, I think the crowds often get drunk and rude and there’s a lot of pushing and standing and not being able to see, Im just not that kind of girl. I like a semi-comfortable seat where I can set my purse on the floor and not have to worry about it being soaked in beer. I also am the kind of person who finds it hard to spend $10 on a movie let alone $55 to see a concert. I do have to say tough that Red Rocks is probably the best place I have ever seen a concert (and although I kind of hate them I have been to a fair amount) and I wish my mom and brother could come see a show here because its pretty breathtaking. Last night we even had a lighting show going on over the city as a backdrop to the stage which was bad ass. Anyways all in all I only had a mild breakdown, and enjoyed the rest of the show.







In weight loss news Pro and I hung out all weekend and although I stuck strong to my vegetarian diet, we did have margaritas, and a fair amount of carbs…uggg. Today I feel fat, and hey what do you know the scale feels that way too! Damn you alcohol! So irritating, I knew it would make me gain! So tomorrow I will either see a very pathetic loss or a mild gain, which is ok because I did have a large 6.6lb loss last week, but still…grrr…that will show me to drink any alcohol! I need to stand strong with my eating choices! Tomorrow I have a job interview at Costco and I have nothing to wear. I haven’t bought any dress clothes since I started losing weight so nothing fits. I’m gonna hit up Old Navy today and maybe see if I can find some slacks. Ok I’m done blabbing.