10 Facts. 10 Questions. 1 Photo

I took this from Autumn and did it purely out of boredom. You should play too!

10 things you might not know about me.

1. I hate sweat. Both on myself and on others. Almost to the point where I can’t eat if I’m near something sweaty. I blast the fan at the gym to avoid all sweating, and I prefer not to go near Mr. Gaunt if he is sweaty…gag.

2. Ever since I started using high quality nail polish (OPI or CHINA GLAZE) I can’t go back to crappy polish. It dries sooo much faster and smoother. I’m hooked. Plus my sister gets a major cosmetologist discount, so it makes it cheaper than normal polish. Also you can find really good deals on Amazon. I just bought Taylor and I Peachy Keen for $3 a bottle! I’m also all about a good top coat.

3. I believe that if I write my goals and plans down in list format, that they almost always come true. I have dozens of list from over the years that I have kept, and I love to go through them and see what I have accomplished. There are at least two goals I have consistently had and not been able to accomplish. I suppose that is what you call a bucket list.

4. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to socks. My feet get so hot and itchy when I wear them. I try to wear sandals to keep them dry and cool and happy. Winter makes my feet sooooo sad.

5. I do not like sour things, and it makes me sad when yummy things like Potato salad, Corn Salad, Coleslaw are vinegar based instead of Mayonnaise based. I also don’t care for sour candy, and I HATE sour gum, well I hate all gum.

6. I can not be trusted with potato chips. I convince myself that eventually they will be all gone so I should just eat the entire bag now. I haven’t purchased real potato chips in a least 3 years.

7. I am allergic to my engagement ring, but even if I wasn’t I probably wouldn’t wear it. I think wearing rings makes my hands feel dirty. I also hate touching metal, especially the copper counter tops at my moms bar. My ears are horribly sensitive to earrings as well. I should really just avoid metal to skin contact.

8. I love to smell things. Good things, bad things. You can ask me to smell just about anything. I also can walk into a room and pinpoint what I’m smelling immediately. I worry that if I ever get pregnant that my sense of smell will be out of control.

9. Despite my general hatred for all sports, I pretty much strictly listen to sports radio in my car. I would actually say I’m a sports radio fan. I LOVE Jim Rome, and Dan Patrick. It also makes me feel more connected to Mr. Gaunt in some weird way.

10. I have recently decided that one of my most hated traits/characteristics in someone or something, is Inefficiency. It disgusts me. I feel this towards many many things, jobs, stores, companies, people planning things, etc. I personally take pride in being very efficient. I HATE wasting time.

10 Questions:

1. If you  had a day to yourself what would you do with it?

I actually have lots of days to myself. Well Mr. Gaunt is often here, but if I wanted to be alone he would let me. I suppose in general I would try to be productive, as it pains me to just chill out. If I had money I might wander around Target or Whole Foods for hours. You also might find me painting my laundry room.

2. All time favorite thing to cook/bake?

I really like to make holiday specific treats. I like a theme food. I would say I like to bake and cook about the same amount. I like to make recipes healthier too.

3. How did you meet your best friend?

I met Mallory in elementary school. (and she’s getting married this weekend!)

4. Favorite tradition?

Mr. Gaunt and I love to make traditions. A few of my favorite would be eating heart-shaped pizza for Valentines day. Watching Charlie Brown holiday movies. Celebrating Birthday Week.

5. If you could only wear one outfit over and over again, what would it look like?

A dress with a sweater over top of it, and flip flops. Probably a scarf too.

6. Long or short hair and why?

I love long hair, but I keep mine medium as it is thin. I almost NEVER like short hair on people under the age of 35. It often makes me sad when people cut their hair, even if it looks cute. I just really like long hair.

7. Proudest moment

Hmm…loosing 75 pounds (although a little back) Quitting drinking pop. Quitting smoking. Starting my own business. Finding a really awesome man to marry.

8. Your biggest soapbox

I have a lot, but I’m gonna have to go with kids eating healthy. Mr. Gaunt and I have been known to do some major trash talking of parents who feed their kids garbage. I can guarantee if you let your kid sip off your pop, or eat Doritos, I am judging you! I pretty much think there is no excuse for not feeding you children REAL healthy food.

9. Weirdest nicknames you have been given?

Morg/Morgue. More-Again. Morg-uh.

10. Tell us a secret!

I worry people think I’m way cooler online than in real life.

A photo of you recently:

Me and Mallory this last weekend at her Bachelorette party!