Magic TEN!

I lost 10 pounds in 30 days!


The weather is super nice today and is supposed to stay nice for about a week. This means lost of working out outside. My plan is to do a 5k 5 days this week. I have a route around my neighborhood that make it pretty easy.

EEEK my painters just showed up! We are having the outside of our house painted this week! Makes me so happy!

Anyway back to me working out. I’m doing my best to do some running at the beginning¬† of each workout. usually I run a block, walk a block, run a block, for about 5 blocks. Then my throat gets all soar and I think I will pass out from not being able to breathe. I really wish I could run, and I’m not exactly sure why it’s so hard for me. I mean besides the fact that I’m overweight and out of shape. I guess maybe this is how everyone starts out….dying. If I keep it up, will it get better? I hope so! For now I will stick to my speed walking with my little dumbbells (that I love!)

In food news there has been mostly veggies and protein. I’m trying to limit my sodium a lot. Also excess olive oil and most bread products (I don’t say carbs as I love me some fruit). I have also switched my condiments to Ketchup and Mustard and Honey mustard dressing, which is a big step for this mayo/ranch loving girl.

Alright that’s the daily update. I think I will be posting a bit more on this weight loss thing to keep me in check. It feels good to just talk about whats going on in my head instead of bottling it all in. Oh and please feel free to leave comments, they really do make me happy, especially ones with weight loss advice and or encouragment…lol.

I leave you with this video. This song was recommended to me as good workout music and I love it! I’m sending Mr. Gaunt on a¬† hunt for the album…