Think. Thank. Thought.

I realized today that having this blog has opened me up to other people’s:





-Worries for me

Along with tons of good stuff too! Don’t get me wrong, the comments and feedback is one of the main reasons I continue to journal here. The rest is just something I have to learn to work with. I know how much my friends and family love me and want whats best for me. I have however spent the last 4 years more or less doing whatever I want. With little friends and family here, I really taken for granted the freedom I have had. And although I am so very excited to be amongst everyone again, please forgive me if it takes a while for me to adjust to having others opinions shared to me. I promise to take in what I can, and to also continue to respect Mr. Gaunt and my choices too.

Now that that has been said, I think my 5HTP is working a little! This is so nice. I’m sorry I havent cooked anything lately, I’m doing low-calorie right now, its crunch time. There may be very little food recipes over the next 6-9 months. I also have a few more wedding posts to bore you all with…heehee.¬† I’m off to job #2 now, but I want all of my readers to spend some time in the next TWENTY THREE days of 2010 to make three lists:




Either email them to me or post them in the comments. I wanna do some fun posts on them!


We wont be coming in today.

This is what Mr. Gaunt told our boss today. We are taking a personal day to get some things done. I have 2 paintings that need to be shipped out tonight. One is going to Stephanie Nielson for her blogs Handmade Holiday review. I am VERY excited about this! Her blog is very popular (for instance, my blog has 45,000 views, and her blog has 800,000 views) so this could be a really amazing opportunity for us. Plus I have a stencil proof that is going in for revisions, hopefully will sell by the 12th so I can ship it out in time for Christmas.

I also NEED¬† a few new paintbrushes, like these…drool:

Maybe I will use this:

And then of course the house needs a good scrub down and some more laundry needs to be done.

Per my mom and my little sister I started taking 5HTP which basically is an all natural supplement that helps with:



-Controls Appetite

-Boosts Metabolism

-Relieves Insomnia

-Reduces the signs of PMS, Headaches, and Fibromyalgia.

Anyway my sisters been taking it for a year now and she swears it works. So I’m giving it a shot, along with Green Tea Pills which are supposed to help with appetite control as well. Mr. Gaunt bought me a pill-box and divided them all up for me. This morning when I woke up to go to work, and then had a complete crumpled on the floor break down, Mr. Gaunt handed me my pills and called in to work. How I love him.

I have to work my other job tonight, but that I can manage. It’s that dreaded real job that can so easily throw me into a sobbing pile on the floor.

So today will be good and productive! Wish me luck!