Weigh In: Week Twenty Four


So first off incase you are at all delusional and think that I eat perfect I would like to slap your face prove to you that I eat like shit sometimes and its ok. For Halloween weekend the following items may have been consumed:

-Pancakes (ok they were whole wheat)

-3 Grocery store Halloween Cupcakes (over two days)

-BBQ potato Chips (at least 3 handfulls)

-5-6 Jello shots (I doubt they were sugar free jello)

-Starbucks (always worth it)

-2 Fun Size Kit Kats (whats fun about that?)

-1/2 a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup

-5 Bud Light Limes

See all that is pretty much crap. But its ok because I made up for it by eating good with pretty much everything else, and watching my portions! That my friend is key! Anyways I missed my Saturday weigh in because I was in a Jello Shot Coma spent the night at a friends, so I went tonight. Wanna know how it went?

3.8lbs LOST!!!!!!!!

That is post Halloween and mid period! And the best part is that it brings me to….

55lbs TOTAL LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holla Holla! So pleasing! Except that I again have no pants, I feel like that last size lasted me about 2 months, oh well, still very happy. And it makes up for my lame .6 loss from last week! Anyways I have a few food pics to show you, but right now Im tired and am going to finish dinner and go swim, so you will have to wait till tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good week!