From the Fourth

For the 4th of July we did a friends and family BBQ at the Mead Bar my moms runs. My mom made Ribs, Salmon, and BBQ Chicken and everyone else brought sides and I brought dessert…duh.

The previous tenants in or house had planted strawberries, and I was smart enough to leaved them mixed in with all the weeds this spring when I was clearing out some of the yucky beds. They have no produced TONS of strawberries. In an attempt to use what we grow I made a Strawberries, Angel Food Cake, and Whip Cream Trifle. This is the easiest yummiest dessert known to man. Of course you HAVE to use home made whip cream. I only add the tiniest bit of sugar to my home made whip cream, as I like it more natural.

My sister and I also made Patriotic Cake Pops (here you can see that they outer decorative icing is melting…ooops) they were definitely a challenge, but I want to perfect them for the wedding. I’ll do a later post on these.

Uhh…do you see that AWESOME fire pit? Yeah THAT is Mr. Gaunt and my early wedding gift from my mom! Isnt it cool! They used it for the fourth, but now it lives on our patio! If I only I had an evening off to enjoy it. Marshmallow roasting! We are too lucky!

Shockingly no one bought any fireworks (my brother usually buys a ton) but luckily my moms neighbor gave us a few boxes of cheapy sparklers. We were also really pleased to be able to see the big Bellingham Fireworks Show over the water from the bars patio!

gracious Mildly Drunk Bathroom Pic

So it was a really good fourth. It’s awesome that my family is so on board with all hanging out on Holidays! Oh and in case you didn’t know the girl with the short Platinum hair is my sister Taylor and the blonde boy is my brother Forrest.  Oh and of course the adorable woman with the nose ring in the picture with me is my mom!

Hope everyone else had a great 4th!


When to Catch up?

I have sooooo much to blog about:

-working out

-what we are eating/buying

-The Garden

-my brother moving in

-Wedding stuff

-Weight loss

-Recipes (cake pops anyone?)

-4th of July


-MY 100,000 VIEW!

-My blogs 2 year birthday (tomorrow)


BUUUUUUUT I have no time. None. Well, none to spare for blogging at least.

This morning I was actually shockingly productive:

-Watered the garden

-Ate Greek Yogurt

-When to get my car downtown

-Ran 2 miles (walked a 1/2 mile) around Lake Padden

-Got coffee

-Went grocery shopping for the week

-Mom dropped off our new wedding present (EEEK! Another thing I have to share!)

-Folded and put away all the clothes hanging on the line

-Did 1 extra load of laundry

-Cleaned the whole kitchen and washed all the 4th of July dishes

-Cleaned our bedroom

-Picked Kale for lunch

-Made scrambled eggs and sausage and Kale for lunch

Now I need to finish a painting and take a shower. I have to be at work at 3 for TEN HOURS. Are you jealous of my life…INSANITY!!!!!!!!! Anyways I managed to upload all my pictures but it will be a while before I can break them up into blog posts. Until then you get these precious little gems…

July is in Da House

I’m gangsta, did you not know?

I can’t believe its July already! Where the heck did June go, seriously! I suppose it’s these long work hours and having no life that made June flash by me, not even saying HELLO! No matter. JULY IS HERE, JULY IS HERE!

Weirdly despite my hate for Heat, I LOVE July! Mostly I really love the 4th of July! Not because I’m overtly patriotic, but because it means GOOD TIME FAMILY SUMMER FUN! All of it! The colors, the food, the weather (com’on sunshine!) the fans and flags ans sparklers! Oh it is all so much fun!

July is also our Engagement month! We got married July 10th of last year. I hadn’t originally planned on having such a long engagement, but because we wanted a fall wedding we had to. Well I suppose we could have had a crazy shot engagement, but that’s not how I roll. Anyways I’m hoping Mr. Gaunt and I can sneak off to our engagement spot at midnight on the 9th. It is our last un-married July…sigh. I love July.

I’m going to Old Navy today to see if they have cute 4th of July tees for Mr. Gaunt and I. Its sort of a tradition between my made of honor and I to do these every year, I’m making Mr. Gaunt join in on the fun. These are last years…

July also signals that I have only a little more time to get in shape for the wedding. I definitely did not lose 10 pounds in June. Again my scale is broken, but I know without it. I’m sad, but its ok. However this means I have to work that much harder in July! Alright time to get the boy up and throw on some flip flops because it is JULY!