Baby Mooning at 31 Weeks

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We just got back from our week long trip to Colorado….our Babymoon.

First off I hate flying, and not because I’m scared we are going to crash, I hate flying because it’s really uncomfortable. I hate the seats, I hate the recirculated air, I hate the trays, I hate checking bags, I hate carrying on bags. I hate my ears popping, I hate it all! Needless to say I did manage to SQUEEZE my seat belt closed under my stomach, and took it off as soon as we were done with takeoff.

The only thing one might say I like less than flying is…..DING DING….pregnancy. Equally uncomfortable and annoying. So when the two combine, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll be the huge pregnant person sobbing in the front row. Yup. I will probably never fly pregnant again, I really dislike the whole experience.

Our trip to Colorado was pretty good. It was HOT, like super hot, but then it cooled off the last two days. We got a rental car, which was a life saver! We got to go to our friends wedding, and we had a beautiful baby shower on Sunday. Plus we shopped and ate and hung out with all our CO friends, which was very nice. We bought some fun stuff for the baby, and drove around a lot. It’s always nice to visit, and nice to come home too. Ill post pics in another post.

Mr. Gaunt bought me a Denver Broncos Maternity shirt to wear during game days, he was very proud of himself. lol!

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31 weeks


-Sharing any bed that is not a KING with your 6’4 husband sucks. We are SPOILED and have a super nice king size bed. Like so nice that it’s no longer fun to sleep at hotels because our bed is so much better. Plus these days I’m the size of a house, and I require a body pillow on each side of me, plus a pillow between my knees. I’d say sleeping was the hardest part of the trip. Mr. Gaunt even slept on the couch the night we stayed at our friends house who have a FULL size bed…that wasn’t going to happen. I can no longer sleep on my back at all, so I rotate side to side to keep from giving myself bedsores.

-My baby definitely grew this week. She no longer kicks me, she just rolls around in there. Sometimes a limb gets stuck in my hip, or bobs up and down on my bladder, or pushes my lungs up. It’s super fun….kidding. I am however pleased that I probably wont have to buy anymore maternity clothes. I think my jean will fit until the end, and thank god for Costco’s super duper long camis, because they are going strong! Seriously if you need a good cami, even if you aren’t pregnant (but ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE!) go get the Kirkland brand 2 pack. So cheap and amazing! My midwife said she seems like she is head down, GOOD GIRL! We have to start doing movement checks. Rule of thumb: 10 “kicks” in four hours.

-We’re getting a Doula! We interviewed one, figured out the cost situation, and booked her this week. We really like her, and are excited!

-Mr. Gaunt and I have decided to buy a recliner for the nursery. I know, the horror. After spending time at his mom’s house, and our friends house, who both own crazy comfortable recliners, I knew I needed it for the nursery. Luckily the chair will be in the out of sight corner, because man, recliners are ugly. My requirements are that it is both VERY comfortable, has a high back, is comfortable to sleep all night in, and isn’t too wide (we don’t have that much room). We will be hunting this weekend, Ill keep you posted. This will be our “cotton” 2nd Anniversary gift to each other.

-My feet are wide and swollen these days. I bought some of these Crocs flip flops off Amazon, and they are AMMMMAAAZING! And even though they are Crocs, they have a faux leather strap, and really don’t look too Crocs like. Plus they are super light weight and dishwasher safe…holla. Other than that I can’t fit my feet into ANY shoe! Thank god this baby is coming soon because if I had to move into winter clothing I would be pissed. I highly suggest people plan to give birth near the end of one season so you don’t have to have multiple seasons of maternity clothes.

-We have nearly everything we need for the baby! Our friends and family have been so good to us, and there are only a few things we need before she comes! Mr. Gaunt and I went for the first time to Babies R Us in Colorado with a giftcard we got at our shower. We were on the hunt for a Sophie Giraffe, and luckily they had them.  Overall though I say thumbs down to Babies R Us. I just do not like their selection of items, its all very generic, and in my opinion not the best stuff. Before I registered (on Amazon) I spent a good month or two scouring the internet for reviews on products, watching you tube videos on “THINGS I WISH I HADN’T REGISTERED FOR” and really thinking about how to get the best products for our family, and to not get a bunch of stuff we didn’t need. I actually feel really happy about our choices. However strolling through Babies R Us, I realized they had VERY few items that were on our list. Things like this Co Sleeper, Aden & Anais Muslin blankets, Cloth Baby Wipes, Earth Mama Products, and Ergo Carriers were all MUST have items for us, and they didn’t carry any of them. Lame. Amazon is where it’s at.

-My ability to finish a meal is gone. There is no room. Maybe I wont gain much weight at the end…fingers crossed! My crazy midwives still spend 90% of our appointments telling me not to gain weight. This week she told me I should do 30-45 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. I work 50+ hours at my restaurant and live a pretty freaking busy life outside of that, INCLUDING WALKING, so she can bite me. My baby will be fine! I hate my midwives.

-I would say my fear of going into labor any day now has arrived. Not that I actually think I will, but every ache, cramp (no Braxton Hicks yet) weirdness makes me a little nervous. I’m glad to be back within a mile of my birth center, makes me feel safer I guess. It’s such a weird guessing game if she will come early or late or right on time. Health wise I’m doing good. Low blood pressure, no gestational diabetes, and good iron levels.

-I have my last wedding to clean up a week from yesterday…THANK GOD.

-I’m feeling like maaaaybe I want to get a jogging stroller. Not for actual jogging (well maybe?) but for “off road-ing” aka dirt trail walks and such. I’m going to wait until she comes, and if by Christmas we decide we really want one, then we can get one for a family Christmas gift. Probably a used BOB, as after trying them out at BRU, you can feel the difference. However I would NEVER spend $500 on a stroller when you can find go condition used ones for around $250.

-I’m back to my workout class on Monday after taking 2 weeks off. I’m worried that I’m getting less and less limber and more just big. I am however starting to get that itch to lose the baby weight and start being active. I think the hardest part about pregnancy is simply feeling like you can not push your body like I use to. I’m excited to be able to run, and bend over, and lay on my freaking stomach!!!!

Last I thought I might update my TO DO LIST that I wrote out on


– Schedule our ultrasound to find out if we are having a B/G –  It’s a Girl!

– Find 30-50 gently used cloth diapers. We purchased about 25 used, and were gifted 27 more. We just need to get a sprayer and diaper pail.

-Take a Cloth Diaper class (done on Wednesday June 12th, 6:00-7:15 p.m.)

-Research and interview Doulas  We found one through WISE that I emailed to book today. Also it comes with a class we will take next saturday.

-Sign up for a prenatal fitness class  I just finished the 8 week session with Continuous Motion, and will do drop-in until I cant anymore.

-Take a prenatal yoga class  Decided to skip this one, mostly based on cost.

-Research delayed cord cutting. We are lucky that our Birth Center does this as a standard practice. Read about it here

-research vaccinations – I’m gonna harass some pro-vaccinated friends on their opinions on Alternative Vaccine Schedules.

-research Hypnobirthing  – Our Doula actually is a educated in Hypnobirthing, but it’s a little intense, and hard to do properly, so I’m probably gonna skip this one.

-Sign up for a birth class – We are going to NOT take a birth class, instead just have a Doula and try to educate ourselves.

-Sign up for a breastfeeding class – Our Doula is also a Lactation Counselor, who will help with this. Plus there are a million You Tube Videos.

-Make cloth wipes – We have a ton now from our registry!

-Make a wipe solution – Ill do this when the baby comes. But also may just use water, which is fine.

-Wash all new things – That’s the plan for October.

-Prep all baby clothes – Also October. Washing and sizing.

-Research Elimination Communication

-Research placenta encapsulation etcWe will have this done by our Doula.

-Install a diaper sprayer – Still need to buy one.

-Find a pediatrician –Ugh.

-Prepare a freezer full of meals for postpartum – Maybe another late October plan when the weather gets cool.

-Make a birth packing list – Diaper bags are on there way, then we will do this mid October.

-Try on diaper bags –  (after trying on a lot) Picked this one for me and this one for Mr. Gaunt. A very good friend purchased both of them for us.

-Plan a Babymoon for JulyMoved it to September, and just came back from it!

-Paint and decorate Nursery

-Pull together all baby areas of the household – We need to clean out a drawer in the kitchen for feeding stuff, and figure out where her bathroom stuff can fit in the bathroom. 

-Create an Amazon Registry  Ive been researching baby items I love for a long time.

-Create a new household budget (pre and post baby) –ugh.

-Decide on maternity leave plan – Working to hire someone for our restaurant ASAP.

-Research sleep training

-Research baby health insurance

-Write a birth plan

-Pre make tons of thank you cards

-Pre design a birth announcement

-Download a contraction timing app.

-Install roll down black out curtains for the nursery

-Buy postpartum items (bras, nursing clothes, etc)

-Decided if we want/need a baby monitor

-Install carseat and have inspected (once purchased)

-Download a Breastfeeding app

-Make a baby trip to Ikea (specifically to buy this dresser)

-Buy a crib We bought this one off CL for $100

-Research cloth diapers We watched videos 1-7, plus some of Mama Naturals videos too! Also lots of “this brand vs this brand videos.

-Buy a stroller We bought this one (in green) off CL for $20