Daily Eats – Day 19

Tomorrow is Friday. Yipee! Not because the weekend will be here soon, but because supposedly all this ice and snow is supposed to melt on Friday, with a high of 45. I’m over the snow. Sooo over it. My car is useless in the snow, Mr. Gaunt and I don’t work the same schedule, so I’ve been depending on my mom for rides. Today I took ANOTHER snow day, which sorta sucks, but did give me time to sign up for online Quick Books and get all of our business finances together, which is awesome.

Bagel Thin with 1 Egg and 1 Egg White, Mushrooms and Greens (I only ate half this as it wasnt that yummy). Non Fat Vanilla Latte. Thai Lime Cashews.

Turkey Burger with mushrooms and a little cheese on 1/2 a Bagel Thin. I used the other half under that Veggie Pattie. Sweet Potato Fries. Dried Date with Coconut.

Mr. Gaunt was really cold all day, so instead of going to the gym we went to the pool and swam laps and hung out in the hot tub. It felt like a good workout and a nice change of pace. I’m nervous about weigh in this week, so I’m going to try extra hard to eat good, small portions. 2 pounds loss is the goal!

Daily Eats- Day 18

Cup of Coffee. Non fat Greek Yogurt with Frozen Blueberries and Low Fat Granola. Grapefruit.

Lean Cuisine. Handful of Ketchup Fries. Homemade Pizza (Collard Greens, Chicken Sausage, Pesto, Mushroom, Mozzarella)

Lemon Tea. Date and Coconut bar.

Since giving up sugar (and again, only items that are specifically made to be a sweet) I find that after dinner I do like a little treat. I have been eating dried dates, which I love. I also tried dried Figgs, which are interesting but not quite as sweet. Tonight I bought these dried date bars with coconut. They were called something weird, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name, but all it is, is date and coconut. They are sweet and tropical, I’m a  fan.

I’ve also been craving hot chocolate (we are on day 3 of snow) but it definitely counts as too much sugar, so I had Lemon Tea with a little honey. Cured my need for hot chocolate and kept me warm.

Today at the gym I did cardio and legs. I was having some very sore hips this past weekend so I was giving my legs a break, but today felt pretty good.  I leave you with the cutest thing on earth.

Daily Eats – Day 17

Back to work today, which is horribly boring and mundane, but at least it pays me. Oh how I am looking forward to spring sooooo much! I want my yard and flip flops and DAYLIGHT back! I want happy hour and BBQ and tank tops! I’m so over coats!

Mr. Gaunt and I are in dire need of a little vacation. My best friend is getting Married the first weekend in March, and I’m looking forward to a number of fun family/friend events over the coming months. Including a trip to Seattle for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. We have a yard to landscape this year!

Needless to say, today was the same old same old with food, with a trip to my mom’s for Soup and salad for dinner.

Grapefruit. 20 oz Non Fat Vanilla Latte. Non fat reek Yogurt with Low Fat Granola.

Odwalla Bar. Lean Cuisine.

White Wine. 7 Bean Soup. Caesar Salad. Orange Pellegrino.

We also made it the gym despite the snow. Did the regular cardio and attempted to really pump it up with my arms today, they are tired now. The gym was nice and slow, which is how I like it.

Daily Eats- Day 16

It was a snow day today. Which at first is fun, but then not fun. Really it means another day that I don’t get paid, and of course the ever glaring knowledge that I drive 1987 Toyota Piece-o-crap and can’t afford anything else. I have no idea how I’m getting to work tomorrow, and I’m frustrated. I also didn’t get to go to the gym. I hate snow!

Hula hates the snow too! It's too cold!

Non Fat Greek Yogurt. Blueberries. Low Fat Granola. Non Fat Vanilla Latte. Grapefruit. My sister made these things that were Prosciutto wrapped around asparagus in a mini croissant. I ate 2, they were small and delicious.

Lunch was Grilled Cheese (that I split with Mr. Gaunt), and Low Fat Squash Soup which I added a little chicken sausage and Kale to. Dinner was a boxed rice that I added leftover chicken and more Kale to. I also had a few sips of that cider.

I’m sure I consumed way too many calories today and didn’t move nearly enough.

Now I’m going to bed. Annoyed.

Daily Eats – Day 15

Leftover French toast. Odwalla Bar. Non Fat Vanilla Latte. Breakfast Sandwich (whole wheat English muffin, turkey bacon, egg)

Turkey Jerkey (just that little piece). Veggie Chicken Soup. Dried Fig (oooh mixing it up). Weight Watchers Chicken Parmesan (whole wheat pasta, skim Mozzarella, chicken, marinara) plus Light Cesar Salad with added tomatoes and cucumbers.

Plus two glasses of white wine. Not a bad day, but looking forward to getting back to my daily routine. I also bought a big bag of “southern greens” from Trader Joes, so we will be eating that all week…yum!

Gym this week will be lighter on the legs, as I feel like I pulled my lower-back-pelvis area and it needs a rest. Dare I work on my abs?..ugg.