Oh. I had some goals?

Apparently I made a list of 2012 Goals, who knew? I actually just noticed it yesterday when I went to link to last years Christmas card. Anyway thought I might depress myself and see how many of these goals I didnt accomplish.


1. Lose 30 pounds and keep them off.  Nope, actually gained 8 more. BOO!  This will be on this years list too, duh.

2. Get my new business off the ground so I can quit my job by May (although I may work somewhere else part-time) DONE! We did 15 weddings this year, and although I cant quit my job yet, we are off to a good start! I am working 32 hours a week, and was able to be unemployed for 2 months without totally drowning, so that’s excellent!

3. Reduce my consumption. Recycle more. We’re pretty good at recycling, and I have gone to almost 100% buying thrifted. I’m not exactly sure why this was on my list last year, but I would say I don’t feel as bad about this stuff this year. We are doing ok.

4. Make friends (I need some, and Mr. Gaunt needs some too) Hmm, well I did make one new friend (HEY JENNA!), and my Mr. Gaunt has made more work friends. We both still tend to hang out with each other or my family a lot, but I really don’t feel the ache of being friend-less this year.

5. Gym, 5 days a week, every week. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

6. Buy a Cannon Rebel t2i  We made the decision to NOT buy this camera this year. We bought a new Sony Cyber Shot, which we love. We were able to comfortably buy it with cash, and we use it lots. We really do want a nice camera when we have kids, so it is still a goal.

7. Get a passport. Gah! I didn’t even know this was on the list last year, but I really need to! I did however get my enhanced license, so I can at least go to Canada now.

8. Manage my finances so money we make in the summer can support us in the winter. Well, we did ok. We managed to support me for two months this fall when I was in between jobs, so that was pretty good. We also added some insurance, and a couple other monthly expenses that we previously couldn’t afford. However we did not make enough money this summer to support me all winter. A more realistic goal would be that I could continue to cut back on hours at my current job. Fingers crossed.

9. Visit Portland, Olympia, Seattle We went to Seattle and Olympia a couple of times this year. My mom and I are planning a trip to Portland in a couple of weeks hopefully.

10. Get a “new to us” reliable minivan (for business and above trips) We ended up inheriting my moms Explorer, which is ok to make short trips. The burning desire to get a new car has worn off, and I’m comfortable once again running our cars into the ground. (:

11. Send Mr. Gaunt back to Colorado at least twice this year Mr. Gaunt and I went only once to Colorado in July, but Mr. Gaunt got to go for a long time, so hopefully it was enough. His mom also got to come out twice this year, which makes him very happy. This next year we will have to plan it for late spring or late fall because of wedding season, we will see.

12. Cook more. Well, I cooked a little more when I was unemployed, but yeah, this continues to be a goal.

13. Landscape the front yard, and lay some new grass in the back yard. We totally did this! Go us! We have a few more yard projects for this summer too!

14. Go on new Hikes around the area. FAIL, but we did go on some awesome hikes on our anniversary trip to the Olympic Peninsula!

15. Sell 50 more paintings on Etsy. This business was put on the back-burner when we started our wedding business.

16. Go away somewhere for our 1 year anniversary. We went on an amazing trip to the Olympic Peninsula. One of the best vacations ever!

17. Avoid Sugar  I did really good for like 4 months.

18. Make more handmade things (gifts, household items, etc) Tough to say if I did more of this. We have done a number of DIY projects, so I feel good about the amount of handmade and creative shit we do.

19. Take more photos of my life. Since buying our new camera we have taken tons of pictures. I just love documenting our lives!

20. Paint and organize my laundry room I did this too! Woop!

Not a bad year. We both felt pretty productive and happy with what we accomplished. I’ll post some 2013 goals in the next week or so.