Mission Complete!

I totally jogged a 1/2 mile without stopping! Go me!

I actually jogged MOST of the first 2 miles. Then I got really tired and walked the last mile and a 1/2.

I read somewhere that when running your suppose to breathe through your nose not your mouth. I gave it a shot and thought I was going to DIE! I do not get enough oxygen through my nose. I will continue with my mouth breathing running…lol.

So I’m going to stick with my 1/2 mile jog for the week, then maybe move up to 3/4 mile next week. I’m going to get a pedometer this weekend too.

Happy Tuesday! Oh and this week I am doubling my strength training and adding 100 crunches. Anyone else pushing themselves this week?


The First Distance Challenge

Mr. Gaunt and I promised each other to PUSH ourselves this week. So tomorrow we are going to attempt a 1/2 mile of jogging without stopping. I know, I know, that seems crazy short, but we are NOT joggers. Not at all. At this point I can jog about 1/4 mile without stopping. Then I walk a little then I jog more. Its the NOT stopping thing that I wish I could do.

Our current workout routine is really nice, we do UP and DOWN 6 “blocks” (which is actually 6 lengths of 6 blocks each). Each “block” is about a 1/2 mile. So tomorrow we are going to attempt one length. We will see where we get. Tomorrow its suppose to be a little cooler so we wont die. I guess as the weather gets hotter we just have to workout earlier.

Anyways wish me luck! Ill have an update for you tomorrow afternoon.