2016 Goals (and a look at how 2015 went)

We decided to stay home this Christmas day. To snuggle up and be lazy all day, just the three of us. It was a hard decision, but we are all happy and content, and that’s whats important. We have no plans to go anywhere or do anything, if maybe squeeze in a stroll before the sun sets in an hour. So to kill time I thought I might catch up on this blog, which is so so so far behind. It’s not that I don’t have things to say, it’s just that I don’t prioritize the time (hey! I will talk about this in a minute!) but today I have time, so I thought I’d do something that is pretty important to me, a yearly look at my goals.

I just went back and read 2015’s goals, as I never remember what they are, and for the first time in years I gotta say I really knocked it out of the park. Here is a little recap on My 2015 Goals:

1. TO BUILD UP MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MR. GAUNT: This one is an endless goal, and some months we are in synch and happy and some we aren’t. I had hoped to really build passion, but little did I know that toddlers suck the life out of you just as much as newborns, so yeah, not as romantic and loving as I had hoped. That being said Mr. Gaunt and I have worked through some pretty big stuff this year. Mostly his work schedule, and my work schedule, along with my personal goal to stop nagging as much. I still nag ALLLL the time, but I nag less. I try to think before I speak. Mr. Gaunt and I would both say that we have such respect and love for each other. We understand how much we NEED each other to make the day to day work, and we are both putting in lots of effort. I also realize how important it is for me to take care of myself, to be happy and content before I can really take care of anyone else. Right now as a mother and wife, I spend a lot of time taking care of others, so I need to continue to make sure my glass is full before I give to anyone else. 

2. I WANT TO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT PUTTING FAMILY FIRST: This one is heartbreaking and enlightening, and one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do. This year I had to make some really hard decisions to let go of guilt, let go of anger, and to be focused on my family. It meant I had to let other people down, I had to give up some of my other goals, it meant I had to get into a routine, to accept our day to day lives, and to feel ok about what I was doing with my time, despite what other people thought. I know that we will only have young child(ren) for a short period of time in our lives. I know how important being a good parent, and wife, and friend is to me. I have to continually search for passion in motherhood, but that also means I have to walk away from some things that I just.cant.make.work. And that is hard. I’m happy though. I honestly have let so much guilt and bad feelings go this year, I’m happy with my choice, I believe its making our home life better, I believe overall I am happier, and Vada is thriving in all areas, so I’m doing the right thing despite the challenges. 

3. BUILD A BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD: We totally did this! Let me use photos to show you! 




We replaced our old gross fence all by ourselves! We also built some new garden beds, and this great little play area for Vada! This summer we have a few more goals too, but overall our backyard is such an oasis for us. I mean right now it looks like crap again, but it will be great again this summer. 

4. TAKE 3 MINI VACATIONS: We always make this goal, and it never really happens. Mostly we are too busy and too poor. We tend to be people who would rather do lots of little stuff all year round then save up for a big vacation. This year we did go to The Great Wolf Lodge in February,  Mr. Gaunt took Vada to Colorado for a week in June, we went to Harstine Island for 4 nights in September, and then we did a Christmas day trip to Seattle, which doesn’t sound that exciting, but we rarely leave town. So overall I’m pretty happy with our vacations. This year we REALLY want to do Disneyland in september. We haven’t booked tickets yet, but I’m hoping to do so by June. 


5. GET OUT AND DO STUFF: We actually got out and did lots of things this year! We also quickly learned the type of things Vada is good at, and the things she’s just not able to sit through. Some fun things we did this year (with links in case other people are looking for cool kid activities):

Tulip Festival

The Everett Museum

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Easter At Bellewood

Birch Bay Beach Day

Ski to Sea Parade

Strawberry Picking

-Bellingham Bells Game

Lynden Farmers Day Parade

4th of July a Zuanich

Blueberry Picking 

Sunnyland Stomp

Swimming at Lakewood

Day Hike at Artist Point

Subdued Stringband Jamboree

The Lynden Fair

Larabee State Park

Hovander Park

Elizabeth Park Concerts

Apple Picking at Bellewood

Giant Pumpkin Festival

-Stoney Ridge Pumpkin Festival 

Fruit Tasting Festival

Perch And Play Halloween Carnival

Downtown Trick or Treating

Sledding at Mt Baker

Deception Pass Park

Snowflake Lane

Teddy Bear Suite

Sheraton Gingerbread Village

Perch And Play Santa

I’m sure we did even more things I’m forgetting, but these were some of our favorite events. 

vada year.jpg

6. Be healthy…yah know, try to. Oh sheesh. Its last on the list, and the thing I paid the lease attention to. This year it’s #1 on the list. 

So onto this years goals! I’m going with an overall theme this year as opposed to distinctly different goals like in years past.

Whole Family Health

This is an umbrella goal, the idea that I want us to really prioritize our health, mental, physical, spiritual. I want to focus our minds and be more intentional in the words we use, the energy we put out there, and where we focus our time. I want to find passions in food and fitness, as well as exploring the earth, growing our passions and being more zen. To help us do this I’ve made mini goals:

Scheduled Workouts: I’m hoping to go 2 or 3 times a week to a friend’s house who owns a treadmill, and we are going to do a 30 minute video and a 30 minute jog/walk, so an hour of fitness while the kiddos run around. I’m also hoping to a 30 minute family walk around our neighborhood nightly. Plus Fitnessblender videos, and just moving lots.

Evening Stretch and Calm Down: Id like to a new bedtime routine starting one hour before bed. Change into comfy clothes, media free, spend 30 minutes sitting on the floor being calm, meditating, doing some breathing exercises, some aromatherapy and a 10 minute stretch. Followed by books and bedtime.

Clean Eating: I’m hoping to start a simple clean eating meal plan. I’m hoping to start planning it this week so I’m all ready for January. Less carbs, sugar and dairy that bog us down, more fruits and veggies. Smaller portions, but overall better relationships with food.

Reading or Listening: Id like to start reading more and listening to NPR again. Have specific media free hours. Make more trips to the library, listen to more music with Vada.

Essential Oils: In the last few months I’ve started working with Essential Oils. I diffuse them, make sprays, lotions, cleaners etc. I love them and hope to continue to use them more and more.

Family Connection: Id like to start sitting down together to meal plan, and talk about weekly goals, how we will move more, eat healthy, goals and anxieties we have for the week. Just be more purposeful in our plans for how we spend our time and what our schedule looks like. Id like to talk about events and classes and things we would like to do, just more connecting.

Investing in Health: Our financial situation may change a bit in the new year, and we will need to adjust our spending. Id like to make more conscious shopping choices. Focusing on organic, making sure we aren’t wasting things, but also when we do spend money, to have it be on things that help with our Whole Health goals. Workout clothes, pool passes, essential oils, things that are helping us meet our goals.

Meditation: I’m not exactly sure what mediation means, but its been continuously put in front of me as an idea I should be looking into. The universe WANTS me to meditate, and really I like the idea of doing so. I’m someone who spends a lot of time in thought, I have often called this thought “Anxiety” “stress” things that are negative, because I tend to obsess about the negative. With meditation, I hope that I can really focus on the positives, and the things that will keep me happy and healthy. I’m going to spend a few weeks reading about meditation and practicing. I know it’s not something that you just DO, its something that takes time, but I want to dedicate some time to that.

I think 2015 was an eye-opening year. I’ve realized things about myself. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy both feeling judged by others and judging myself, struggling and fighting against my reality. In 2016 I think I finally feel strong and confident enough to really protect myself and be open and comfortable with my choices. I can see what it is I want my life to look like, and I know that I can achieve the peace that I desire.



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